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Halloween series: Top 10 ring entrances in MMA

It is now the month of October, known as the time for Halloween. Halloween is known for several different spectacles including dressing up, scaring people, looking like people have horrible injuries, and overall celebration. For October, I will be doing a series of top 10s based on the theme of Halloween. For this first top 10, I will be covering the MMA spectacle of fighter’s ring entrances. Though more akin

Around the World of MMA: October 3-6

And now we open the count towards Halloween. With that comes many fights this weekend. So with that here we go around the world of MMA: Fight Club OC ROY ENGLEBRECHT PROMOTIONS puts on a unique hybrid boxing and MMA show this Thursday at the Hangar in Costa Mesa, California. FFC08: Poturak vs. Leko The second hybrid show this weekend, Fight Fight Championship hosts this Friday in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Bellator 101 in review, plus Bellator 102 preview

It’s been all Bellator these past two weeks as we slide from September into October. So with that here we go with a look at Bellator 101 results: Bellator 101 in Review Main Event: Joe Warren vs. Nick Kirk Prediction: Warren by decision. Result: Warren by submission. This was to be expected as Warren worked with Greg Jackson for this fight. However, I do feel I should note that this

The top 10 action stars who may have done well in MMA

Speculation will always abound with people thinking about what could have happened if this person fought that person. This article is all that since most of these actors are past their prime. Just to clarify, people who were already in MMA before going into acting don’t count, so that excludes Bruce Lee, Randy Couture, Gina Carano and others known solely for their fighting. First up will be our honorable mention

Top 10 men who influencened MMA ~ Including Sherlock Holmes

There are a lot of people who have contributed to the sport of MMA over the years and they will be remembered for a long time. However, there are a few men who come to mind that had the biggest impacts on the sport, whether as someone who helped it along or blazed trails long before promotions like the UFC first came into existence. This top ten list is here

Top 10 MMA upsets ~ The fights that didn’t end as expected

There will always be upsets in any sport when a heavy favorite faces someone who is seen as an underdog. In MMA, there have been many upsets over the years, and there always will be. However, there are a few that standout and I would like to talk about those on this list. Also, I’ll be limiting this list to one entry per fighter, so if a fighter has made

The Ultimate Fighter 18 episode 4 in review ~ Dana has a talk with Rousey

Oh how the drama continues between the two coaching staffs in this season. So with that, let’s dive into the excitement of another episode: TUF Episode 4: Use the force Following the second loss of Team Rousey, the coaching staff starts to get antsy and won’t let their grudge with Team Tate’s coaching staff go. Things only get worse when UFC vet and guest coach Dennis Hallman arrives. Hallman doesn’t

Around the World of MMA: September 28-29

Another month in 2013 has come and gone and we come to the last weekend with fights going on at various levels. So with that here we go: KSW 24: Clash of Giants Polish promotion Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki continues to dominate their market on Saturday September 28, at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland: Super Heavyweight Poland Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. United States Sean McCorkle KSW Heavyweight Championship Poland Pawel Nastula vs. Poland

UFC 165 & Bellator 100 in review, plus Bellator 101 preview

So it was an exciting weekend of fights and now we are on a down but still busy week. With that here we go with our usual reviews and previews: UFC 165 in Review Main Event: Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson Prediction: Jones by strikes. Result: Jones by decision. Gustafsson proved to be a challenge to Jones and they made arguably fight of the year. Co-main Event: Renan Barao vs.

The Ultimate Fighter 18 episode 3 in review (episode 4 video preview embedded)

Three episodes into season eighteen and we are on a roller coaster ride when it comes to ratings for this season. However, that won’t stop the season in its’ tracks and it’ll be interesting to see how it continues to unfold. With that, here’s my review of episode three of this season: TUF Episode 3: Stick and Move Following Julianna Pena‘s first round victory, Coach Miesha Tate came to the