Kryptonite to the Honorable Fighter: Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Performance enhancing drugs have always been a problem in sports. Most recently, Alistair Overeem has brought the issue back in to the spotlight in MMA. His eptistosterone/testosterone levels were significantly higher than the standard allowed. Just look at the before and after picture below and decide for yourself if a man could legitimately get from point A to point B in less than a few years. I used to think

All I want for Christmas: Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey vs. Cris “Cyborg” Evangelista

Cyborg has been an MMA household name since beating Gina Corano two years ago. In her last ten fights she has knocked out every opponent except one who she beat unanimously. She has yet to get in any trouble in the cage or need to rely on anything less than her basic tactic which is to overpower her opponents mercilessly until the fight is stopped. Until recently, she was the