Meet the Freaks

Justyn Horner


Gabriel Keith

Gabe grew up in St. Paul Minnesota as the oldest of six brothers and one sister. After graduating from high school he joined the Marine Corps Infantry and served three tours in Iraq. After leaving the Marines, Gabe completed a Bachelors of Science in Public Safety with a specialization in Criminal Justice. His first novel, Little Warrior Brother, is available for purchase in print or e-reader on Amazon. He resides in Tampa Bay, Florida, and is working on a science fiction piece called: SoulSpent.

Andrew Lancaster

Creative Director
Andrew overseas the direction of MMA Freak’s branding as the creative director. He is also a professional web developer in Greater Los Angeles.

Matthew Salzer

Senior Editor
A native Californian, Matthew Salzer first fell in love with martial arts when he was introduced to wrestling at the age of 11 by his mother. Close to the same time he fell in love with Mixed Martial Arts while living in Japan when he was introduced to PRIDE FC on public Japapese TV. Matthew has experience in wrestling both as a successful athlete, graduating from Missouri Baptist University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences on a partial scholarship and as a coach with high school experience at Orange Lutheran and Villa Park High Schools and at the kids club level with Team TCB and Team Crucifixtion Wrestling Clubs. In addition to success in school and in athletics, Matthew also has experience in the MMA industry, having served with the California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association (CAMO) and is an active member on the website. He also recently started writing for the website Funky Monkey MMA with his own column titled Matthew’s Corner.

Edson Valenzuela

Edson was born in Mexicali, Baja California in Mexico. He grew up and went to school in Orange County, California. He’s currently studying for a B.A. in Journalism. The first MMA event he watched was “Martial Arts Reality Superfighting” purchased as a pay-per-view after his older brother pestered his parents the day of the fights to do so; he was 9 years old.

Tom Heffernan

Tom aka ‘Heff’ hails from a little town near Glasgow, Scotland and has been a UFC fan since it’s inception back in the 1990s. Heff has over 13 years experience with the UK’s largest newspaper publishing group and even claims to have been awarded an honorary BJJ black belt by Renzo Gracie…just for being Scottish. His other passion is football.

Chris Fetter

Chris has followed MMA and wrestling since the age of 13. The former artist and father of one is now an avid sports writer, who has interviewed some of the best athletes in the business. Hes a die hard Miami Dolphins fan and self proclaimed “fantasy football guru” and resides in sunny Orlando,Fl, where he writes for firststopfantasy and Freelances Orlando Magic articles.