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Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source-

Anderson Silva(1) is undefeated since 2006, while riding a 17 fight win streak. That’s terrifying for anyone among the middleweights who will be given the task to impose their will in a fight with a man who has no reason to doubt himself or what he is capable of.

Chris Weidman is the next  inline matter of fact, and although the fanfare has been rather laid back for the clash between these two, it’s as if everyone is getting dressed up for a regularly scheduled execution as opposed to a high profiled title fight.

Weidman is a strong fighter with a well-rounded skill set. He’s undefeated and has proven to be an insurmountable task for any fighter as of yet. Let’s see how he handles the pound for pound greatest fighter in the world at UFC 162 on July 6th.

Georges St. Pierre(2) is being relentlessly pushed below Jon Jones in almost every single P4P listing. Unfortunately he kind of had it coming when he decided to fight just aggressively enough to out point his opponents, but never enough to trick anyone in to thinking they were watching a real fight to begin with.

Of course this sentiment is a bit harsh, but dammit all, this is MMA, not boxing! His next test is most likely going to be Johny Hendricks, of whom is talking a pretty huge game when asked about his chances against the champ.

So far he’s backed it up as well. Hendricks has absolutely floored every other opponent he stepped in to the Octagon with over the past few years, and will easily provide GSP with his hardest test to date. Of course GSP has heard it all before, and like Silva, he’s been on quite a tear for some time now himself. Since 2007, he’s been on an 11 fight win streak against some of the best in the world.

Jon Jones(3) may be sponsored by Nike now, but he’s still very young in his career. But is he really? These days he’s considered in his prime due to his age, and relatively short time in the sport. But what people really need to look at is his 19 fight winstreak (discounting Steve Mazzagati’s blunder at the TUF 10 Finale).

Jones is easily the most dangerous fighter on this list and with a few more wins, or even a single loss from either of the two men listed above him, he would easily become considered, the P4P champ.

Jose Aldo(4) is also someone who is on the verge of creeping even further up the list if anyone above him suffers a loss. He’s been fighting anyone who’s mattered in the lower weight classes, and staunchly walking through every one of the men put before him.

His next test will be against Anthony Pettis, a man who mirror’s Aldo’s style, and may have the tools to provide him with his toughest test to date. They will meet at UFC 163 in August.

Cain Velasquez(5) deserves this spot, but barely. It wasn’t that long ago when Junior Dos Santos held this same spot in most people’s rankings. After defending his only loss to JDS recently, and defending his title for the first time against Antonio Silva, it’s safe to say he may be holding it down for some time now.

Benson Henderson(6)

Demetrious Johnson(7)

Renan Barao(8)

Dominic Cruz(9)

Johny Hendricks(10)