Note due to suspension Ali Bagautinov is ineligible for the rankings. Also note the previous rankings (8/1/14) in parenthesis:

1. Demetrious Johnson (1)

In order to keep UFC 178 on, Demetrious Johnson‘s title defense has been moved to that fight card on September 27th. There is no doubt that Johnson is the favorite against heavy underdog Chris Cariaso regardless of the postponement of the title defense.

2. Joseph Benavidez (2)

Joseph Benavidez is next set to face Dustin Ortiz at UFC Fight Night 57 on November 22nd in a battle that is sure to have Fight of the Night potential. Ortiz is a hunger up and coming contender and Benavidez would be wise not to underestimate him at all.

3. John Dodson (3)

It’s still unknown how long John Dodson will be out with an injury as it will keep him from getting another flyweight title shot. However a solid win over John Moraga has given him some momentum and the right timing could give him the desired rematch.

4. Ian McCall (4)

Ian McCall currently has nothing scheduled, mainly because of his recent bout with Brad Pickett and recovery time he needs. There is however a chance he will be fighting before the end of the year which depends on other contenders timing and the like.

5. Jussier da Silva (7)

After the cancellation of UFC 176, Jussier da Silva faced Zach Makovsky at UFC Fight Night 47 on August 16th and got a win.

6. John Lineker (5)

John Lineker currently has nothing scheduled after his UFC Fight Night 45 Fight of the Night win over Alptekin Ozkilic.

7. John Moraga (6)

Following a broken nose which caused his match with John Dodson to be stopped at UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Khabilov, John Moraga will next face Justin Scoggins on September 5th at UFC Fight Night 50. Scoggins cannot be underestimated.

8. Zach Makovsky (8)

Zach Makovsky recently lost to Jussier da Silva, but still has a bright future in the sport if he can rebound relatively soon.

9. Chris Cariaso (9)

There is no doubt that going into UFC 178, Chris Cariaso is the definite underdog against champion Demetrious Johnson. However, so was TJ Dillashaw going into his first match with Renan Barao and everyone was surprised that time.

10. Brad Pickett (10)

Brad Pickett’s loss to Ian McCall does set him back, but his earlier career win over Demetrious Johnson will keep him in talks for the present. A win or two against solid contenders will probably propel him into a title shot against the champion.