Chris Weidman (left) defeats Anderson Silva the first time. Photo: Courtesy UFC

Please note that the rankings are voted on by a panel of MMA Freak writers. Also note previous rankings (4/25/14) are listed in parenthesis:

1. Chris Weidman (1)

Surgery on both of Chris Weidman’s knees set back his second title defense against Lyoto Machida from UFC 173 to UFC 175 on July 5th. Considering that it was only minor surgery and he will be returning to a full fight camp shortly after he will probably still be in top form.

2. Lyoto Machida (2)

Lyoto Machida has to wait a few months later before he can challenging Chris Weiman for the UFC Middleweight Championship but it looks like it will happen at UFC 175 on July 5th. Machida is in a unique position to possibly become only the third UFC multiple division champion.

3. Vitor Belfort (3)

At present Vitor Belfort needs to figure out whether he can fight without TRT and if so he should consider taking up Luke Rockhold’s challenge to a rematch. If nothing else it could be a good way for him to test how his body reacts to training without TRT.

4. Ronaldo Souza (5)

Ronaldo Souza is still recovering from an injury he sustained for his fight with Francis Carmont so no word on who his next match will be.

5. Luke Rockhold (6)

Everyone got to see exactly what kind of submission game Luke Rockhold has as he demonstrated at UFC 172 against Tim “The Barbarian” Boestch. He then proceeded to challenge Vitor Belfort to a rematch which if it were to happen could have title implications.

6. Tim Kennedy (9)

Tim Kennedy is far from a title shot but his win over Michael Bisping at the TUF Nations Finale certainly set him on the path to one.

7. Michael Bisping (8)

After his loss to Tim Kennedy, Michael Bisping needs to figure out what to do cause his lack of wrestling hurts him against such opponents.

8. Anderson Silva (4)

Anderson Silva continues to recover but at the same time won’t be fighting for the remainder of the year so he maybe ineligible by that time.

9. Mark Munoz (7)

To say Mark Munoz has his back on the wall at UFC Fight Night 41 isn’t accurate. However he does need a win against Gegard Mousasi.

10. Yushin Okami (10)

Following his promotional victory debut at World Series of Fighting 9, it is quite possible Yushin Okami will be fighting for the championship.


The following fighters recieved votes and are listed as contenders in the division: 11) Francis Carmont, Gegard Mousasi, Yoel Romero