Tiger rarely picks a single perspective when breaking down his very specific conclusions on evolving situations within the mix martial arts world. But this New York native by way of Oklahoma, whether you love or hate him, is usually right. Before eating the MMA debate game for breakfast in the video below, Tiger sets the proverbial table by revisiting the current MMA landscape and how it all points to a Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor redemption tour.

The key to his accurate understanding of the fight game can be understood through the merit of his unbiased approach. To this man, he is simply a connoisseur of the art of martial arts and subsequently has spent his entire life since the very first thoughts formed, training within martial arts or observing the discipline carried out in competition on the highest of professional levels.

With the creation of the BMF title, it feels like everything has changed but where some see chaos, Tiger sees the UFC, the fan base, both Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal, all making moves that say a lot about what many still believe will eventually happen in the sport, and that is the third bout between champ-champ Conor McGregor and the BMF title challenger Nate Diaz.

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