Eddie Alvarez

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

Eddie Alvarez is a name that many MMA fans are familiar with and for good reason. Alvarez is widely considered to be one of the best fighters on the planet outside of the UFC roster.

He is a former Bellator lightweight champion and has wins over top competition. Fans may also know Alvarez from his recent contract dispute with Bellator which ended with the talented lightweight resigning with the organization. Although it is nice that Alvarez will be back in action, this may have killed any hope that UFC fans had of seeing Alvarez fight inside the Octagon.

Alvarez was a dominant champion in Bellator before current Lightweight champion Michael Chandler stole the belt and dropped the former champion’s stock drop as it would for any fighter coming off of a loss, but it didn’t detract fans or the UFC brass.

But what happens now that Bellator has Alvarez and a rematch between Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler is set to take place? Whatever the outcome, it doesn’t look promising if any fans are waiting for Alvarez to come over to the premier MMA organization.

A second loss to Michael Chandler will prove that the first fight was no fluke. It would prove that Chandler is the real deal and it would knock Alvarez down that much further. Eddie coming over to the UFC wouldn’t have the same feeling anymore.

It wouldn’t be the top lightweight outside of the UFC coming in anymore. That is just how it would feel from a fan’s perspective. But it is much more black and white if you ask UFC President Dana White. White has commented on this and has made it clear that a loss would not land Alvarez in the UFC even if he was a free agent without Bellator stirring the pot. Here is what White had to say on the matter.

“What do they think? If Eddie Alvarez loses,” said Dana. “He’s gonna come sign a deal with the UFC? No. We really don’t take their rejects. If Eddie loses, why would we bring him to the UFC? …┬áThe UFC is gonna roll on with or without Eddie Alvarez, but Eddie Alvarez worked his whole career to get to this spot where there was at least a couple players that were interested in him. Then he went out and found out what he was worth, and those guys screwed him.”

If you are an Alvarez fan, this obviously comes as bad news as we all know what current Bellator Lightweight champion Michael Chandler can do. But White has gone back on promises before with situations involving Tito Ortiz, Nick Diaz and many others.

Even with these quotes in mind, it still doesn’t really mean that Alvarez has no chance at coming over with a loss, but you do have to wonder how much stock the UFC would be willing to put into Alvarez after seeing what Hector Lombard really turned out to be.

That is just if Alvarez drops a second title fight to Chandler. Although a win may be just as detrimental to a UFC fans hopes. A win means Alvarez is the champion again and Bellator will do everything in their power once again to retain the lightweight once his contract ends. A win means it is likely that Alvarez vs. Chandler III is likely to happen.

A win shoves Alvarez deeper into Bellator’s pocket.He will immediately skyrocket back up to one of Bellator’s best and most marketable fighters, and someone that they would surely not want to let go of. So what happens when the current contract is up? That is anyone’s guess. But if Alvarez makes Bellator want him even more, they have already shown that they will go to great lengths to retain the lightweight fighter.

Either way, as fans, we should be happy that the contract dispute is over, and that Eddie Alvarez is gearing up to step back into the cage. We should most definitely be looking forward to Alvarez vs. Chandler II, especially after how action packed the first fight was. But when it comes to the thought of Alvarez fighting under the Zuffa banner, it is better to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.