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It seems like the new big thing in the fighting world is calling out other promotions. “Put your guys against my guys, and we will see who is best.” First, is was the WSOF calling out Bellator and guys like Rampage Jackson. Then, you got AXS TV calling out WSOF and Bellator. It’s always about the “next big thing” or who can out do the other. I like the idea of cross-promotion, it’s good for both sides.

The problem is, this isn’t the first time this has happened, but they all want to take the credit. If someone has an idea for a soda called Cola, but you make it and call it the same thing, it’s stealing. Some mma promoters out there do their best, while others do your best. Be careful what you say or any ideas you might have, other promoters are just sitting in the wings waiting for their opportunity to pounce.

Ali Abdelaziz shines again and is trying to take all the credit is a cross-promotion attempt to pit his best against Bellator’s best. Ever since he called out Bellator, it’s all anyone can talk about. This isn’t the first time this has been talked about, even if Ali is trying to take all the credit. Talk to MFC(Maximum Fighing Championship) CEO Mark Pavelich, and he’ll tell you different. Is seems like another promoter is trying to steal his thunder.

“Just like the two door-knobs in the World Series of Fighting and Bellator talking about fighting each other,” Mark said on MMAFreak Radio. “I came up with that last year about fighting all the shows on AXS TV. I said that last year. Then they come out with it and started talking about it on the news like they come with these ideas.”

Mark isn’t mad that these other organizations are “stealing” his ideas. He just thinks it’s humorous that these so called “real” promoters aren’t coming up with their own material. Just because you have money and an mma organization, it doesn’t make you a great promoter. Mark listens to his fans, and claims others don’t.

“Why don’t you call my office and ask me what I’m thinking, then they can go on radio shows and tell them it’s their idea.”

Cross-promoting and other things aren’t the biggest ideas ever thought of. It’s pretty simple, especially in Pavelich’s eyes.

“It’ just makes common sense to promote this way, but if you want to pretend it was your idea, then go head.”

Pavelich knows where he stands, and knows what he brings to the table. He is a great promoter and isn’t trying to tell others they’re not. He just knows what he is good at, and in this case, he is better.

“This is the only thing I’m good at, so let me be good at it, and stop pretending you know what your doing, and most of these shows don’t know what they are doing. They’re blowing and losing other peoples money all the time.”

The UFC will always be the best mma organization out there, but the MFC and Pavelich could easily be considered the number 2. Their fighters come to fight every time, and they don’t over promote. By that I mean they don’t tell you one thing, and deliver another. Pavelich knows the UFC is the fillet mignon wrapped in bacon, but he isn’t afraid to eat his steak raw.

“I don’t see myself ever beating the UFC, but I do see myself as a great secondary brand of mma. I’m not trying to be like them. I like what they do. They’re the best in the world, no question, but I want to own my brand of mma and a lot of people shun me for that. They want me to bow down, and I’m not going to bow down for anybody. I don’t expect anybody to bow down to me. I’m no one special. I work 17-18 hours a day. I’m not a jet some where to some island.”

Be sure to tune in Friday for MFC 39 on AXS TV if you really love fights. You won’t be disappointed.

“When you tune in Friday, you won’t see an mma fight. You’ll see fighters with mma skills fight, but this won’t be a point fest.”

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~Ben McPhee (Follow me on twitter – @mmawriter1)