Listed below are the top 10 ten players on MMAVictor.com. This list represents the very best Fantasy MMA from around the world.

More stats will be released in the days to come, however this is truly the key indicator that sums up who is identified as the “MMA Victor.”

The current criteria is based on data collected by MMA Victor from the beginning when it began tracking stats, the answer is by most wins. These players are living legends. This criteria metric will change moving forward however.

More value will be placed on head to head matches like real tournament fighting. Players can move up or down quicker after they face each other in SPECIAL TOURNAMENTS.

WORLD SERIES OF FANTASY MMA tournaments now starting on MMAVictor.com. For the first time ever! Starting now, ranked players will face off against each other in specially marked games. Other members can still partake in the game. Simply click ENTER from the list as usual. Watch them go head to head in real time!

The first contest, dubbed FantasyYMMA1 will feature the worlds nortorious name in Fantasy MMA today – Bubba Gump. Stay tuned for more details.

1) Bubba Gump 27 1st place finishes

2) Quarta77

3) Tapout1

4) Jiggler

5) SilentOutlaw

6) TySlice

7) Poor Franklin

8) Wandy905

9) Fasteddie

10) loop12