Joey Beltran and Quinton Jackson. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Keith Mills

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson‘s training in Mexico is going well as Jackson is feeling the best he’s been in years. He claims to be feeling the best in body since his fight with Dan Henderson six years ago in his only successful title defense.

The only issue that Jackson continues to have is conforming to the strict diet. One evening Jackson and his camp are invited to a local soccer game by the team owner. Jackson receives nothing but applause as he even puts on a little bit of a show for the crowd.

Four weeks out from the fight, Jackson’s emotions start to get more intense at training sessions. At three weeks out, Jackson takes his day off to visit the local zoo. Jackson has some fun referring to one of the tigers as “Tony the Tiger” after the cereal mascot.

Later on at training, Jackson puts on his “lucky cup” which he wore in all three fights with Wanderlei Silva, both fights with Chuck Liddell and his fight with Henderson. During a training session Jackson knocks out one of his training partners by accident.

A week out Jackson comes home and returns his manager’s call. As it turns out Tito Ortiz fractured his neck during training and has had to withdraw from the fight. Jackson is initially disappointed but at the same time is worried about Ortiz, showing that Jackson still cares about his former training partner to a degree.

Initially Jackson thinks about grabbing some pizza but training partner Gavin Sterritt is able to keep Jackson concentrated. Also as a way to vent from the frustration of the fight being called off, Jackson goes to the gym and vents on a boxing bag.

Following the news of the injury, Jackson meets with Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney about his different options. Rebney advises Jackson that trying to find a replacement on a weeks notice for the pay per view is not likely. He thus advises Jackson to fight a replacement at a later date on Spike with a wider audience.

The replacement turns out to be Joey Beltran who just came from the UFC and desires to make a name for himself. With a motivated Beltran and a healthy Jackson, the fight turns out to be a great brawl with Jackson winning late in the first round.

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