Raquel Pennington (blue glove tape) vs. Sarah Moras. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

With issues of favoritism having surfaced during Chris Holdsworth‘s training, Sarah Moras finally melts down in the sauna during practice. Coach Meisha Tate then decides to take herself out of any coaching and decides to split the coaching staff between the two fighters. During one training session Julianna Pena is initially uncomfortable with the situation but is able to calm down and concentrate on training.

Roxanne Modafferi trades in between the two mini camps and when she trains with Moras, she receives an elbow to the head. Because of the upcoming matchup, and an already hostile attitude towards Pena in the house, Pena isolates herself from the rest of the house for the most part.

One morning Raquel Pennington gets irritated with Pena’s daily routine. She starts to complain about how Pena makes a lot of noise in the morning with her hair dryer and vitamin pill bottles. Pena then starts to complain about Pennington’s antics and proceeds to use a lot of profanity during the interview.

Later on opposing Coach Ronda Rousey shows up at the house for something unique. She apparently has the skill of taking UFC shirts and making them more feminine by making patterns of holes in them.

During training Moras reveals that she is confident going into the match up against Pena because of a previous victory over Pena. Also during that victory it’s revealed that Pena refused to submit similar to Tate against Rousey and as a result Moras hyper extended Pena’s arm.

Later on Tate comes to the house and has a personal talk with Pena. Tate does confide in Pena that she is a little biased towards Pena because of the fact that they’re training partners. However, she also reveals that she pays the most attention to Pena and Holdsworth because both of them practice the hardest and have a desire to learn the most.

The match finally happens with most fighters siding with Moras. However, the first round consists of Pena dominating on the feet and controlling Moras on the ground. During the second round, Pena dominates both standing and on the ground again and after opening a cut on Moras’s face, proceeds to sink in a tight guillotine choke.

Afterwards an emotional Moras apologizes to Dana White for under performing but thanks him for giving her the chance just the same. After the fight, Anthony Gutierrez starts dancing with Rousey as Team Rousey is set to have Gutierrez and teammate David Grant face each other.

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