Dong Hyun Kim and John Hathaway. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: James Goyder.

Over a month ago I wrote my first review of the UFC Fight Pass service that was launched in January. The service originally advertised over 150 bouts with exclusive live events, original programming, and access to the complete library.

While the number of bouts broadcast is certainly doable with the exclusive events and prelims, there are disappointments. There were also some technical issues in relation to the accounts. So all of that being said, let us delve into all of the short comings of the service which was supposed to be the next best thing:

~ Original Programming ~ 

As mentioned in the earlier review, UFC Fight Pass was supposed to be the platform by which international versions of The Ultimate Fighter would be showcased. Also in the previous review it was mentioned that only past versions of The Ultimate Fighter were available but none of the current versions.

Leading up to the end of the free trial, the only additions was the first six episodes of The Ultimate Fighter: China. This is disappointing considering that the welterweight finale was last weekend. However, the service does deliver on the other original programming.

~ World’s Largest MMA Library ~

In the previous review it was mentioned that the UFC Dark Ages, Pride and WEC libraries were available as advertised. However, upon closer inspection those sections are in fact incomplete. Additionally there are still no Strikeforce bouts available whatsoever which is disappointing considering there are several good matches in the Strikeforce library.

Of lesser note is the fact that there are no WFA matches and we still have no idea about the “Other” promotions. The only section that delivers exactly as advertised in the library were the Affliction events.

~ Technical Issues ~

Honestly the broadcast quality of the network is actually quite good. The audio is constant and if there is any relating to the local server or internet service the actual service keeps going. Considering many issues that could happen with a new service such as this that’s impressive.

What is not impressive is the fact that members of the service simply can’t click an option to cancel a subscription. In order to cancel the subscription, one has to send an email to the support who will answer the email a few days later depending on things.

As there is another week long trial I will be using that and posting another review with hope’s it’ll be better. Leave a comment!