Josh Burkman (red glove tape) vs. Aaron Simpson

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

The WSOF’s (World Series of Fighting)  second show went off without a hitch this past Saturday. After the dust settled, it seems like we could have our first WSOF title shot in the welterweight division.

Josh Burkman (25-9 MMA) made a statement this past Saturday when he shocked a lot of spectators by knocking out former fellow  UFC fighter Aaron Simpson in the first round in dominate fashion. This is Simpson’s second straight KO loss, first WSOF loss.

Burkman has already taken out another former UFC fighter in Gerald Harris at WSOF 1 via unanimous decision. Burkman is 7-1 in his last 8, with 4 wins in a row, and his last loss coming by the hands of UFC newcomer Jordan Mein.

After the fight Burkman was asked, or basically told that he would be fighting Jon Fitch next at WSOF 3 June 14th, 2013. Burkman didn’t seem very excited by the announcement of his newest opponent, and instead declared he wants a title shot and that Fitch needs to earn his spot.

“I think he should come into the organization and win (a non-title fight), and then they need to put me in against the winner of that, which I think it’ll be Jon Fitch,” Burkman told after the fight. “I think either one of us will represent this organization well as a titleholder.”

Here are the top 5 reasons why this fight will happen, and why it will be for the inaugural WSOF welterweight championship.

5. Burkman doesn’t make the fights, the WSOF does. If they want Fitch vs. Burkman, it will happen.

4. Burkman isn’t hurt after the Simpson win, so why would the WSOF have him sit out? There is no point for the WSOF to find a valuable opponent for Fitch when they have one in Burkman.

3. Who do they have besides Burkman that would give Jon Fitch a challenging fight? Jon Fitch is still a top 10 welterweight. He won’t, and shouldn’t have to fight a ‘no namer’ first.

2. Fitch was probably guaranteed a title shot. Fitch is a top 10 fighter and was a very expensive free agent. The WSOF had to give Fitch a huge contract with a lot of stipulations. And one of them was probably a guaranteed title shot in his debut.

1.The WSOF doesn’t really have any other choice right now. The biggest name they had before Fitch was Aaron Simpson, and Burkman put a stop to that potential fight really fast. Burkman and Fitch is the only fight that makes sense for the inaugural championship.

~ Final Thought ~

Some say Burkman has a point that Fitch needs to earn his shot, then others think Burkman is scared. First of all, Jon Fitch is still a top 10/dangerous fighter and if Burkman thinks he is one of the best, then he needs to beat one of the best in Jon Fitch. Fitch has paid his dues.

Second of all, Burkman isn’t scared, he probably just wants to make sure if he gets revenge, that he gets enough time to train. Fitch dropped down to welterweight in 2006 when he defeated Burkman (rear-naked choke 2nd round) in his 170 lb. debut at UFC Fight Night 4.

Burkman would love to get back at Fitch by not only ruining his WSOF debut, but by capturing the first ever WSOF welterweight title in the process. He just wants to be prepared and there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. But if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, and right now they are the best two in that division in the WSOF.