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Michael Bisping is the biggest joke in the UFC and we all know I’ll let you know how I feel. First, Bisping is disrespecting Chris Weidman and Mark Munoz claiming Munoz is fat and Weidman is still a rookie who shouldn’t even be close to title contention. Now, we have him talking smack to a 125 pound fighter in Joseph Benavidez? I mean really?

This is a sport and a job for many true athletes, and Bisping bullies people around verbally all the time as if believes that whatever he thinks is so clever it would be a crime to waste it. The sad part is, reporters eat it up and fuel the fire.

When you put yourself out there like Bisping does, don’t be surprised when someone has a comment about your ignorant statements. Bisping didn’t appreciate the UFC flyweight’s off-the-cuff remark that he hit harder than he did.

“That smug-faced little t— in a prepubescent boy’s body needs to shut the f— up because I’ll take the Pepsi Challenge with that short-ass any day of the week,” Bisping told MMAjunkie.com Radio. Benavidez made his claim at the end of a recent video blog shot for the UFC.

While watching a promo for UFC 152, his longtime training partner Urijah Faber asks him if he hits harder than “The Count.” “Yes, I hit harder than Bisping,” Benavidez answers. At the time of his interview, Bisping retweeted a comment which now in turn looks like we get to see more of the insecure/baby side of “The Count.”

“People are going to say that I’m talking crap, but he’s the one trying to start in with me,” said Bisping.        “[Benavidez] needs to recognize his weight class because my 11-year-old boy will take care of him.”

Now we are threatening fighters with your kids? I would hate to be one of your kids. It would really be hard to listen to a guy who you know is more immature than you are.

Benavidez recently took to Twitter to poke fun at Bisping’s reaction. “Wow didn’t think a big, tough, secure guy like [Bisping] would get all butt hurt at my blog,” he wrote. “Pretty funny.”

Makes me laugh and good for Benavidez for not getting bullied by a pathetic excuse for a role model. MMA is a sport and a great way to work out and learn self defense. It is not meant to be used in the way Bisping tries use it. Bullying is so pathetic and now a days kids take their own lives do to torment at their schools. So Bisping, if you have kids and you don’t want them to grow up and be an jerk/bully like you, then you need to grow up and instead of being a joke, be a role model.

These opinions are of mine and no one else’s.