The trio flies into Houston, Texas and proceed to go to a farm where they meet with Sage Northcutt before they try bull riding.

Initially the three believed that they were going to ride smaller bulls but instead discover that they’ll be riding professional rodeo bulls.

A professional bull rider does a practice run before they do and falls off after only a few seconds.

None of the three brought proper rodeo gear and as a result have to use the gear that’s available at the farm. Matt Serra rides for 2.06 seconds, Nick the Tooth rides for 2.26 seconds and Dana White rides for three seconds.

Next day Dana has a swollen leg and goes to the hospital only to find out that it’s a sprain.

While Dana is in the hospital, Matt and Nick go to a local clothing store to dress up as cowboys. Matt dresses all in black whereas Nick partially dressed in women’s clothing and shoes.

At one point Nick walks about in chaps and has no pants or underwear on under them, essentially mooning Matt and the store owner. Nick later attributes his choice of clothing to inspiration of the Village People music group.

Afterwards the three meet up with former heavyweight champion boxer George Foreman to go horseback riding.

Despite his sprained knee, Dana also goes horseback riding and the three try to rangle calves.

As a joke, afterwards Matt finds a bottle of Vagisil and gives it to Dana for him to apply it on his knee.

The trio then travel to a restaurant called Guadalajara to make guacamole.

At one point Nick licks one of the avocados while Dana is slow at making the guacamole.

Another comical part is the fact that Dana and Matt have to wear hair nets despite the fact that both men are bald.

All three men finally go to Legacy Fighting Championship 50 at the Arena Theatre where football player Adrian Peterson is attending.

The Northcutt family is also present and the trio admire the fact that they are all as attractive or more so then Sage.

Featherweights Alex Black and Michael Rodriguez impress the three men and afterwards Matt goes to Rodriguez’s locker room and coaches him on how to execute a guillotine choke.

Dana is then impressed with flyweights Roberto Sanchez and David Acosta who impress Dana, though he would like to see Sanchez get some more experience.