Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas all fly to Bangor, Maine where Dana has a property where he keeps all of his ‘toys’.

On the way up, Dana takes a nap and as retribution for the numerous times that Dana woke up Serra while taking napes, Matt and Din wake him up on the plane ride up.

Dana talks about how he grew up in Boston, Massachusetts but spent many summers in Maine due to his grandparents residing there.

While on the property, Din and Matt do various activities including off roading, go cart racing, trampoline jumping, basketball shooting and tank riding.

The trio then head to the Bangor County Fair where Matt enters a demolition derby. Matt initially does rather well until he starts ramming other cars head on which causes his car to die.

After the demolition derby, the trio hang around the fair where they watch a band play and Din also rides a mechanical bull. Dana and Matt criticize him about not riding the actual bull as Dana and Matt did.

In the morning, Din decides to make Matt some breakfast while the two are rooming together in Dana’s guest house. To his surprise however, Matt admits that he’s masturbating in his room and turns Din away to which Din is embarrassed.

Before Matt and Din participate in a hot dog eating contest, Dana takes them to a hot dog manufacturer to show them how hot dogs are made. The place is cleaner then the trio expect.

At the hot dog eating contest, the announcer gets the shows name incorrect as well and Din and Matt’s names. During the actual contest Matt starts eating pizza instead of the hot dogs and Din starts to feel sick from eating so many hot dogs.

Later on Dana and Din drag race in a two out of three races series. Din ultimately wins the first and third races despite his bad racing.

Afterwards the trio go to see how lobster roles are made and while Dana enjoys, both Matt and Din decline due to Matt’s apprehension towards sea food and Din’s not being a fan of lobsters.

While eating the three look over the fight card and criticize the fact that many of the fighters are basically journeymen with just above even records.

Two of the fighters are the New England Fighting event impress them in Devin Powell and Ricardo Ramos.