The trio of Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas traveled to San Diego, California.

Due to Dana’s Meniere’s disease he isn’t able to participate in the first activity of learning how to do tricks on the trapeze. Serra has some issues with the instructor who is upfront and precise.

When the two actually start performing on the trapeze, Din’s leg gets caught in the trapeze wire and as a result he no longer wants to use the trapeze anymore. Serra however does really well on the trapeze.

Afterwards the two go sailing in San Diego Bay where Serra has flashbacks of the previous trip to Alaska when he went paddle boarding.

Din dressed up as a sailor but when he has to climb up to the crows nest he talks about how he’s afraid of heights.

Next the trio go to a wildlife sanctuary called Lions, Tigers and Bears. Serra feeds a black bear and the first thing that Dana does is clean the animals cages which includes scooping up poop.

They also feed a tiger and before feeding the lions, watch as the male mates with a female. It is explained that the males aren’t neutered because the males would lose their manes otherwise.

While feeding the male they see the lion and tiger going at it from different sides of the fence and Dana makes the mistake of trying to take a selfie with the lion. When he does this the lion roars as it is seen as a sign of disrespect.

Later the trio goes to a restaurant that serves exotic meats and they make fun about how the logo for the restaurant has fun animals being eaten. After helping to prepare the meat, they try elk, boar and camel. As an ignorant suggestion, the waiter asks if they would like watermelon beer which flusters Din due to his ethnicity.

The trio then goes to a Cage Fury Fighting Championship event (CFFC 64). Dana is impressed by fighter Matt Sayles and after watching Joseph Morales mount a come from behind win, signs him to the UFC.

At the event Dana runs into UFC strawweight fighter Jessica Penne who says they should go to the Whaley House which is supposedly one of the most haunted houses in the country. As an atheist, Dana is a critic of the supernatural.

Due to his fears, Din dressed as Blade. There is also a hilarious moment during a Ghost Hunter EVP session in which Serra is talking bluntly with the ghosts.