On this episode because of the fact that Din Thomas is busy, replacing him is one of Matt Serra‘s proteges and his fellow New Yorker Gian Villante.

As a running joke throughout the episode is that at one point Villante pranked Dana White in the past event and as a result, Dana constantly invades Villante’s room at the early hours of the morning to scare him. At first the pranks don’t work, however the last time Villante is not able to sleep for the rest of the night.

The first thing that the trio does in New York is batting practice with the New York mets. While there they meet up with Chris Weidman and Kelvin Gastelum who are promoting a fight. Dana is able to hit some balls as is Serra.

Villante is then able to hit more then a few as well. When they go to the field Dana pulls his back while Villante wins money from Dana.

Afterwards the trio go on a ride along with the New York Police Department to check out a shooting. They then see a guy with a boxing bag then chase a car down. The ride along ends with the group going to the projects that Jay-Z grew up in.

Next day Serra and Villante go to a dance practice with the Rockettes who during the Christmas season will perform five shows a day everyday. Dana couldn’t join them that day because he came down with an illness.

During the warm ups Villante was struggling. They then try high kicking which Villante is able to do but Serra couldn’t. Serra also had the Rockettes do a shout out for his daughters.

While Dana is getting a cake for Serra’s birthday, Serra and Villante go on a pizza tour and Villante is stuffed at the beginning whereas Serra paces himself. The tour guide at first irritates Serra and gets along well with Villante but the roles are reversed by the end of the tour.

Dana then gets the cake which has frosting of him flexing with his saying on it. One of the producers tells Serra there is a surprise. Serra thought Dana was giving him a car.

There were several fighters that Serra coaches on the Ring of Combat event they attended.

This was also the first time that Serra’s three girls came to a fight.

White decides to sign one of Serra’s fighters after his impressive match.