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Dana White is the master at avoiding questions with his “tricky” style of answering with the word “if” in there. Not only has Dana avoided questions about featured fighters and who they are fighting in the future, but has even went as far as already talking about Jon Jone’s next opponent before his UFC 151 fight with #1 contender Dan Henderson.

White has already been talking about Jones versus Lyoto Machida II and says “if” Hendo wins they will go from there. It’s disrespectful to doubt one of your own fighters, even if you don’t think they will win, but White avoids everything with his best friend “if”.Today at the UFC 151 presser, he did it again. When asked about a feature fight between current middleweight champion Anderson Silva and current welterweight champion George St Pierre, White went on to say that “if” GSP can get by current #1 contender Carlos Condit, that a fight between the “Spider” and GSP will happen in 2013 at a catch weight of 178.

This is getting out of hand. GSP hasn’t fought if over a year, and now we are already talking about his next fight before his big title defense in November.

Dana is smart staying out of it with his “if’s”, but in my opinion should keep his opinions to himself at first. There is nothing wrong with thinking what you will do next if “so” and “so” wins, but also you should show your fighters more respect, especially #1 contenders who could easily be the future.

Listen to yesterday’s UFC media call in the video below.


I personally don’t think GSP will return healthy and that Condit is the future of the division. So, that Silva “super fight” might not even take place, hence all the “if’s”.

Speak your mind, but save the next opponent talk for the post fight press conferences, not the ones before the actual fights. “If’s” are always going to be around, but so are your fighters. Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo and GSP are talked about like their opponents aren’t even going to have a chance.

Well, they are #1 contender(s) for a reason, so what happens “if” all your champs end up losing, then what? Hopefully the UFC has some back-up “if’s” just in case we are all lucky and get to see some outstanding upsets. I know the challengers in all the divisions want to make their mark and prove the doubters wrong.

I expect Jones to lose to Hendo out of pure cockiness alone, GSP to be dethroned, and Silva either retiring or keep avoiding a man they know will beat them in Chris Weidman. So my question is, what “if” I’m right Dana? I guess we shall find out, “if” all these fights even take place with the injury bug always lurking around the corner.