It has been almost two weeks since the self proclaimed “Best in The World” CM Punk walked out on the WWE. There is still no fact to why Phillip Brooks (Punk) walked out on the company that helped make him. Was it due to back booking? Is he too banged up? Was it a money thing? Was it a pride thing?

All we know is, he was unhappy and stood up for what he thought was right. He is without a doubt one of their biggest draws and that can’t afford to lose him. That isn’t necessarily said about the rest of the “unused” talent on the roster. As far as the WWE is concerned, almost everybody is replaceable.

Punk isn’t the only “unused” wrestler on the WWE’s roster. And he isn’t the only one ready to stand up for himself. Rumors have surfaced about a number of talent that is reported to be linked into leaving once their contracts are up.

There are plenty of full time wrestlers that work their butt’s off for the WWE, and have nothing to show for it. Guys like Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio work year round only to have the WWE bring back guys like Brock Lesnar and Dave Batista to “steal” there respective spots at PPV’s like WrestleMania.

It is reported that Dolph Ziggler does not get along with some of his bosses in the company. The WWE has always pushed the bigger/more muscular wrestler(s), not the most talented. Just look at the history of Hulk Hogan. Hence why Batista is back. He is big, but not the best wrestler out there. Ziggler on the other hand, isn’t that big, but his talent is off the chart.

The WWE tried to give him the spotlight once, but he suffered a concussion and was dropped back down to the lower ranks. Like getting a concussion was his fault? That’s how the company acted. He puts on great performances and sometimes goes too hard.

Is it his fault that he puts on a good show for the crowd and brings in more money for your company? Not too mention that some of his injuries are due to bad wrestling by his opponents. When Ziggler’s contract is up, you can bet he will ask for a better story and push.

And you can bet the WWE will probably tell him to shove it. Ziggler is way too good to go to a low level company like TNA Impact Wrestling, but if the WWE doesn’t respect you and appreciate you, then what? Do you walk out and stand up for yourself like Cm Punk did?

Ziggler is still young and he still has a bright future. Alberto Del Rio on the other hand has already done so much. For you that don’t know, Del Rio holds a MMA (mixed martial arts) record of 9-5, including a loss to Mirko Cro-Cop at Pride Bushido 1.

Del Rio is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, two-time WWE Champion, the 2011 Royal Rumble winner and a 2011 Money in the Bank winner. He has been pushed and has delivered in the ring time after time. Some fans out there might not like him, but he deserves the respect.

He is decent on the mic and is a technician in the ring. His in ring skills are nothing short of brilliant. He delivers nasty kicks and brutal moves that look real and excite the fans, at the same time keeping you the wrestler safe. He isn’t reckless like some other wrestlers ( example: Goldberg).

Ever since the WWE dropped the World Title, wrestlers like Ziggler and Del Rio feel stale. Del Rio once was Smackdown’s top running guy, now it looks like he will be just another “victim.” Since Del Rio lost his world title, he has suffered unexplainable losses to low level like Sin Cara (the real Sin Cara). Now, he has been forced into a “feud” with Batista since the announcement of  “The Animals” return.

Del Rio is way too good to be just fed to the wolves. A match between Batista and Del Rio will more than likely be signed for their next PPV Elimination Chamber. Batista will win this match setting him up more for his main event match at WrestleMania, and Del Rio will more than likely get a small Mania match or be shelved all together. (via Marc Middleton of is reporting that Del Rio is considering leaving the WWE:

“There was talk at Monday’s RAW that Alberto Del Rio is making noise about leaving WWE once his contract expires. Del Rio has been frustrated due to going from a top guy on the SmackDown brand to someone who is fed to Batista. There’s a feeling among that with Del Rio already having talked about retirement, his age and the fact that he had success in Mexico, maybe it’s time for him to leave and be happy rather than hang on.”

Does he leave and resign with a company like TNA, or does he retire all together?

Ben McPhee (@mmawriter1 Twitter)