Anthony Pettis (black trunks) vs. Donald Cerrone

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

Being a huge “Cowboy” fan, it was really hard watching Cerrone enter a fight with too much mental emotion again. He just didn’t look right entering this fight.

His loss to Nate Diaz was a huge set back caused by pure emotion, and it wasn’t the first time this has occurred. His second fight with Ben Henderson at WEC 48 he was too much in his own head and was defeated early via guillotine (the fight was for the WEC lightweight title).

Cerrone again ran his mouth and failed too back in up when it came fight time. He has been calling for this fight for sometime now and it didn’t show. He looked sluggish like a zombie waiting to receive that one machete swipe of closure.

Pettis looked stylish like always and his confidence was backed by rage, which caused a fire to erupt out of “Showtime” in his strikes, destroying Cerrone’s midsection. The flashy style of Pettis was all the fans got to witness.

Hopefully there wasn’t too many “Cowboy” fans in the stands. Pettis came out looking confident throwing crazy kicks and a flying knee off the cage to the body.

Maybe if “Cowboy” left his emotions at home, fighters: Ben Henderson, Nate Diaz, and now Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, wouldn’t be sitting on high horses, excuse the pun.

Cerrone fights with too much emotion at times, and both times in the UFC it has caused him a title shot and rematch with current champ Benson Henderson.