It’s Halloween weekend and it’s time for people to dress up in various ways, mainly in costumes. For the occasion I decided to write a list on some of the top and more unique outfits worn by fighters over the years. The more unique the outfit types the higher the place. Here they are:

10) Fight Shorts

These are probably the most common outfits worn by fighters nowadays. They are slightly different from boxers shorts which have a middle section, but they are similar. They are loose yet normally secure enough to where they don’t slide off. Shorts are also unique in that they can be worn by men or women (with a top or sports bra). One trait that helps their popularity is the approval by all regulating commissions.

9) Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are probably the second most common outfits worn by fighters nowadays. The best trait they have is support. For guys it is very simple in that they enjoy the support of their cup. They also are secure in that they won’t fall off. Women may also wear them.

8) Compression Shirt/Shorts Combination

Because guys can’t wear any kind of shirt in competition, this outfit is usually seen by only women. Some women prefer these over just sports bras if they aren’t comfortable showing off skin. One example that comes to mind is Sara McMann. It also gives female TUF competitors the latitude to decide what they want to wear. While guys can’t wear them in competition it is very common for them to practice in them.

7) Shorts Bra/Shorts Combination

This combination is all too unique to the fairer sex as guys do not have breasts that require support. Once again this is based on the individual woman’s preferences. They do have to wear sports bras regardless of whether they wear a compression shirt or not in competition. The sports bras are different when they are worn just with the bra or not but either way they come in different styles. As mentioned, preferences.

6) Shirt/Sweats Combination

There were several images that are reminiscent of the early no holds barred days and guys wearing a loose shirt with sweats was one of those traits. This went back to little rules and how the fighters could just wear what they wanted. The only thing that mattered was that the fighters went out and competed. As regulation began, dress codes forced this style out. They were pretty much never worn in Japanese promotions.

5) Tights

These clothing items were a part of early wrestling attire and saw some early MMA wrestlers wear them. The best example is that of Randy Couture in his first UFC appearance. When regulation resulted in the no holds barred to MMA transition, tights became less common stateside but of course Japanese promotions allowed it with one example being Jose Conseco in his only MMA match. There was a recent example however of a women’s stateside MMA match where Michelle Waterson wore them. Women get a lot of latitude in clothing.

4) Singlets

Once again these are unique to wrestlers as they are still worn in Olympics right down to the little kids clubs. Because of this some wrestlers wore them when competing in the early no holds barred events. As is the case above, singlets went out with stateside regulation but was still somewhat allowed in Japanese MMA. Japanese promotion Jewels even allowed it. Nowadays though they are rather uncommon.

3) Speedos

Officially there was no outlawing of these little skimpy shorts other then on the promotional level. These were primarily worn by fighters like the early Lions Den fighters who had catch wrestling and pro wrestling roots. Even when regulations took place they were still pretty much allowed. However, the UFC has officially banned then once Dennis Hallman wore them last. Watch and one may still see them.

2) Gi

Again, these martial arts clothes have been banned when stateside regulation began. However, when it was the early no holds barred style versus style competitions, martial artists would come out wearing the gi as a representative of their discipline. The earliest example was Royce Gracie wearing his gi in the early UFC tournaments. Also depending on the discipline some fighters would simply wear gi pants without the gi jacket. Some fighters nowadays wear shorts that have gi pants like designs as a nod to those early days.

1) Costumes

These are without a doubt the most outlandish of any of the ring attire worn by fighters in MMA. To be blunt these have always been on common, whether today or in the early no holds barred days. Probably the best example is that of Akihito Tanaka when he dressed up as anime character Kinniku Mantaro while fighting Bob Sapp at Dynamite 2008. While uncommon, they were certainly the most outlandish. That is the reason why costumes made it on the top of this list.