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Hector Lombard entered the UFC as the top prospect with potential of getting a very quick, undeserved title shot at the Middleweight champ Anderson “The Spider” Silva before suffering a close split decision loss to Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch at UFC 149.

Lombard doesn’t feel that his performance at UFC 149 reflected his abilities as a fighter, and instead of giving Boetsch his credit, Lombard went on to claim he was injured before the fight.

“I want to let all my fans know. I fought [my] last fight injured,” Lombard posted on his Facebook page. “I [wasn’t] 100% sure but I [went] to the doctors… I have a fracture sternum with a torn cartilage, I got this [injury] in training for my fight with Tim Boetsch. I have to be out of training for 6 weeks I should never have fought like that, but I [didn’t] want to let my fans and the UFC down, love you all.”

Like many MMA fans, I hate it when fighters make excuses following a loss, especially ones who were “supposed” to make an impact . The Hector Lombard that fought at UFC 149 certainly didn’t look like the guy that stopped six of his seven opponents while fighting for Bellator, but none of those names were at the level the fighters are in the UFC, that’s why it’s at the top level of the fighter food chain.

Watch this highlight reel of victories that may have lead to Lombard sleeping on his last opponent in Boetsch of which led to his first loss in his last 25 fights.

Lombard had a great amount of hype coming in to the UFC and when he was derailed, he had nothing but disrespect for his opponent and the company who brought him in.

Lombard not only disrespected the UFC and Tim Boetsch, but losses respect as far as fighters are concerned. To think that a fighter comes into a fight %100 healthy is ludacris. Football players play injured all the time and just like mma fighters, they never enter a fight/game healthy.

So, for Lombard to sit there and make an “excuse” that every fighter could use if they wanted to, is a joke. Every fighter fights with some sort of an ailment when it comes to fight day, and if he can’t realize this, then he should take a step back.

What happens if he wins his next fight and his opponent claims they weren’t %100? Then does that mean that Lombard didn’t beat a healthy guy? Absolutely not in my opinion.

If you step in there and enter your fight, then give it your all. But don’t expect fans and fighters to lend their shoulders to cry on when you lose and have an excuse ready in the wings.

Lombard is still a top ten fighter in my opinion and has great potential for the middleweight division. Once he learns how to lose like a man, he will be able to fight like a champion.

UFC fighters fight in and outside of the octagon, once that is achieved we could see the Lombard that dominated Bellator. Until then, leave the excuses in the gym, we all have them, no one really cares, it just makes you look bad.

~Ben McPhee (Follow me on twitter – @mmawriter1)