Luke Rockhold made a very interesting comment at a press conference ahead of his UFC headline bout with Michael Bisping in Sydney this weekend.  Bisping was pictured sporting a small cut above his left eye as a result of a clash of heads in training and when Rockhold was asked about that cut he commented “I don’t care who Michael’s sparring with. If he’s getting beat up like that, he’s in big trouble. Look at me. I’m sparring with Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier and the best guys in the world and the heaviest hitters at American Kickboxing Academy.” 

Here comes the interesting part; Rockhold then rubbed his face and with a wry smile and said “I’m looking pretty clean, huh?” suggesting that he is capable of sparring with the UFC’s Heavyweight champion and the UFC’s number 1 Light Heavyweight contender without receiving as much as a scratch.

Hold on a minute Luke, remember all of this bad blood with Bisping has came about because you accused him of doing the exact same thing to you!

For those who don’t know, when Rockhold was Strikeforce champion he spent some time sparring with Bisping during a training camp. When asked about this in a subsequent interview ‘The Count’ made the joke that he was now the unofficial Strikeforce champion having got the better of Rockhold during sparring. To be fair to Bisping he did quickly point out that he was making a joke but Rockhold refused to see the funny side and has held a huge grudge with Bisping ever since.

I am quite sure that Rockhold is blissfully unaware of the hypocritical comments he made during that interview but one thing is for sure, when both Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier hear what he had to say the next training session at AKA might be a tad interesting.