Boxing has been around forever and after watching Saturday’s fight, a lot of fans and spectators think that without Mayweather, boxing will die. I completely have to disagree. Boxing fans are the epitome of fight fans. With fans, a sport will never die. Now, I do agree that without Mayweather, the boxing PPV buy rates will go down, but there are some good boxers still out there and a few names that could replace “Money” Mayweather in the future. Okay, maybe not replace him, but still sell tickets and PPV’s.

With “Money” making $32 million in that fight and boxing PPV’s still selling at 69.95, I don’t see how MMA fans think the sport is dying. It always seems that the current MMA fan or writer thinks that boxing is slowly going into the light. Well, I’m not a huge boxing fan anymore and am a MMA writer, but I’m not stupid. I know it’s going to take a little more than Mayweather retiring for boxing to die. I personally don’t think it will ever officially die with all the up and coming talent joining the mix.

Canelo Alvarez is an undefeated Mexican professional boxer in the light middleweight division. He is also the current WBC, WBA, and Ring Magazine Light Middleweight Champion. He has mad potential and a pretty big following. He has 43 fights (42-0-1 draw with 31 KO’s) on his record and fans love to watch his active foot work and precise/aggressive striking.

Another boxer who draws a huge audience and fans love to watch, is Danny Garcia. Garcia is also undefeated with a record of 26-0 with 16 Knockouts and is the current Ring Magazine, WBC and WBA (Super) Light Welterweight Champion. Both fights with Érik Morales were awesome fights to watch, especially the last one. Garcia brings it every fight.

If all these potential stars weren’t enough, boxing fans have Adrian Bronner to fall back on once Mayweather hangs it up. “The Problem” has complied an impressive 26-0 record with 22 of those fights ending via KO. Bronner is the current WBC lightweight champion of the world and is currently rated as the number one lightweight in the world. He is also ranked #5 Pound For Pound by The Ring magazine. If Mayweather passes the torch to anyone, this is your guy. He comes to fight, punch your face in, and will sell tickets and PPV’s.

~ Final Thought ~

I understand that there are different kinds of fights fans out there:

The ones that love boxing because they have been fans forever. Then you have your MMA fan, and then the fan that is a fan of both. You also have the fan like me that loves any type of fighting whether it’s “fake” wrestling, boxing, or mixed martial arts.

The problem with all these different types of fans is, that they think they know everything. If you don’t follow boxing, then you don’t know anything about boxing, if you don’t follow MMA  the same goes for you, etc.. etc… MMA Fans always love speaking their minds about boxing and how it will eventually die out.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see boxing being as popular as it ever was or even drawing in the new generation of fight fans. Boxing has been around forever and those avid fans will never give up on what made them a fight fan in the first place. Boxing will always be passed down from generation to generation, and with fighters still wanting to just keep it standing, boxing will always be around for them and the fans.

There is still a huge number of fans that follow boxing, and I guarantee they won’t let the sport they love just roll over and die. They will keep continuing to shell out thousands of dollars for tickets or 70’s of dollars for PPV’s. A fan is a fan, and you can’t just make someone stop loving something they admire. Sorry fans that only love MMA and don’t understand boxing, but it still sells and isn’t going anywhere.