Tito Ortiz

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When an MMA fighters enter an arena and witness all the fans either cheering or booing them, they get motivated. Fans make a fighter what he or she is, not the other way around.

Even the best fighter is nothing without a fan base. Fighters have admitted that the crowds loud chants have helped them perform and win fights. Other fighters have admitted that they ignore the loud chants do to distraction, but never said they ignore their fans.

Anthony Pettis has said that he feeds off the crowd as they react to his devastating style and flashy moves. Guys like Josh Koscheck actually feed off the negative energy and uses it to prove the crowd wrong.

Fighters like Koscheck and Bisping love to be the crowd spoilers. Then you have fighters like Chael Sonnen who don’t seem to care either way.

You are either with him or against him, but as his twitter shows (he doesn’t follow ANYBODY), he doesn’t care what you think, but still gives back to his fans.

The social media market is a huge thing now a days, especially for fans of mixed martial arts. Facebook is still more of a personal market for social media, but twitter is in a league of it’s own.

In the MMA world, anybody with a twitter account can follow and attempt to talk to any fighter that has an account, and pretty much all of them do. Fighters like Dan Hardy, Renan Barao, Shane Carwin, Soa “The Hulk” Palelei, Cub Swanson and even lightweight title challenger Gilbert Melendez, all respect their fans, often retweeting and responding to their comments.

Some fighters like Jon Jones are so busy that they have a team to do it for them. Either way, a response is a response.

I’m not saying if you don’t chat or RT that you’re a bad guy. I just don’t think that some fighters understand twitter. It’s to promote yourself, to keep yourself relevant and to be in contact with your fans.

I see fighters get posts from their fans all the time and shun them away. I hate when I see a fighter’s followers go down just because they don’t use or understand twitter.

Whether you like it or not, twitter is a big deal. If you don’t understand it, or just have it to have but don’t use it, then delete it. It’s for promotion, and if you’re denying your fans the attention they crave, then you are not doing anything positive for yourself and your promotion.

Fans can make or break you, and even the Koscheck’s and Bisping’s give back to their fans. The sad part is, they even sometimes give back to their haters, That’s how much they understand the twitter market, and I applaud them for that.

I also applaud fighters like Tito Ortiz who only follow and respond to positive fans. At least he gives back to the actual fans.

Almost every fighter has a twitter account, so other fighters think, “if he has one, then I should have one.” It’s turning into the, “if your friend jumps off a bridge, will you?”

If you don’t want to “jump off the bridge” (have a twitter), then don’t. It’s false advertising for the fans. If you want to keep it personal and still promote, get a facebook, but if you want to promote while being interactive with your fans, then twitter is for you.

I have a plethora of fighters who follow back and understand the point of twitter. I talk or get retweet’s from fighters all the time. Those fighters truly understand that without their fans and support, that they would just be a guy who fights that no one cares about.

Those fighters are called boxers now a days. MMA fighters should stay away from this stigma. I respect fighters who enjoy and want their privacy, but I don’t understand those same fighters who have a twitter account. Twitter isn’t meant for privacy.

~ Final Thought ~

I’m not saying if you have a twitter account that you need to follow back every fan, talk to or RT every fan, or even interact with every fan. All I’m saying is, the fans are your wheelhouse and they should be appreciated more.

I understand fighters who have a twitter account and get nothing but haters contacting them all the time. Twitter has a block function for a reason. Some fans are pointless and just love hating on everybody which makes no sense.

Those are the “fans” that ruin in it for all of us. We shouldn’t be punished for people who have no life. Support your favorite fighter on twitter, and the true “friend of the fan” will always give back and appreciate the support.