Nick Diaz

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Welcome back fans! It’s time again to name this week’s MMA-Freak of the Week. If you’re not familiar how it works, I give fans the choice out of three different fighters, and they pick a winner they want me to write about. I would like it if the fans picked a winner out of the three choices I give, but I will never deny my fans.

This week’s winner is a special write-in candidate. The choices were between current UFC welterweight champion GSP, current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and current lightweight champion Benson Henderson. Bendo was a close second but this week’s winner is………….

~ Nick Diaz ~

GSP did not win, but his opponent at UFC 158 Nick Diaz did. I’m not saying he is more popular, but he did get voted in and wasn’t even an option, just saying. Nick is like Chael Sonnen, you either love him or hate him, and either way, they don’t care.

Diaz is a fighter and has been quoted saying many times that he is not in this business to make friends. This is a fighting sport and Diaz is one of the best in my opinion when it comes to fighting and pressure.

Nick Diaz (26-8-1) was on a 11 fight winning streak before losing to Carlos Condit at UFC 143. Since the fans wanted this, I’m going to give it to them, so let’s do this. First of all, I am a Condit fan as well, but I do believe that Diaz won that fight at UFC 143.

Diaz brought the fight to Condit, pressured him, and all Condit did was back up and execute a game-plan. That’s all Greg Jackson is good at, and I’m not saying it like it is a bad thing, it just gets old after awhile. I mean come on, GSP hasn’t finished a fight since 2009 and that was a corner’s stoppage against B.J. Penn, and he should have easily finished Koscheck, Alves, and Jake Shields.

I have always described both Diaz brothers as well-rounded “bar fighters.” They bring the fight to you and do just that, fight. They don’t back up, sometimes they don’t even put their hands up (which isn’t always good), but they always fight and leave their opponents face bruised up.

If I witnessed a bar fight and the guy just kept backing up like Condit, or tried to lay on me for 25 minutes like GSP, people would be like, “what is going on here, I thought this was a fight?” The sad part is, that’s how fans feel about GSP.

I don’t judge any person outside the octagon, I’m a mixed martial arts writer, so I like fighters who fight. Greg Jackson is a great game-planner and utilizes his fighters strengths better than any coach out there, but I feel he doesn’t teach his fighters how to fight.

Look at Jon Jones or Donald Cerrone. Their game-plan is just to fight. They simply go to war and put on a good show for the fans that paid to see them. You can always game-plan, but guys like Cerrone just love to fight. Sometimes it backfires, but this is a fighting sport, and that’s what the fans come to see.

There is only one loss on Diaz’s record that I consider legit, and no it’s not the lame loss to Diego Sanchez or the weak TKO stoppage of K.J. Noons, which that loss was avenged in 2010. Diaz’s first loss of his career was to a guy named Jeremy Jackson in 2002.

Diaz came out like he always does guns a blazing, and was knocked out in the first round in formal fashion. Diaz has avenged that loss and then some. Diaz beat Jackson back-to-back at IFC Warriors Challenge 18 and UFC 44 (both finishes).

Some look at Diaz’s loss record and don’t understand. If you know the Diaz’s at all, you know they love to come forward, pepper you with punches (The Stockton Slap), they have great cardio, a good BJJ game, but their weakness will always be wrestling.

Diaz has lost to Kuniyoshi Hironaka (split), Karo Parisyan (split), Diego Sanchez (unanimous), Joe Riggs (unanimous), Sean Sherk (unanimous) (3 losses in a row), K.J. Noons (TKO doctor’s stoppage, lame call IMO), and Carlos Condit (only loss that stayed on the fight for the most part).

So many of those losses he was just out powered, and if I have to listen to Diego one more time keep talking about his win over Diaz in 2005, I’m going to scream. It was a great fight, but still think Sanchez punk’d out. Watch it again if you don’t like what I have to say.

Diaz’s win record is a whose who of names from wins over: Frank Shamrock, Josh Neer, Gleison Tibau, Paul Daley, Chris Lytle (Diaz’s 2nd mma fight), Scott Smith, Drew Fickett, Marius Žaromskis, Evangelista Santos and B.J. Penn. Diaz’s KO of Koji Oishi at UFC 53 and Robbie Lawler at UFC 47 are some of his best.

One of Diaz’s best wins is what I call “The Weed-Diaz.” Any Diaz fan knows and probably agrees that his gogoplata on Takanori Gomi at Pride 33 was his best finish of his career. But this is when all the Diaz reefer-madness started. His best win was overturned do to NC (no contest) when Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites (for the first time).

I love the fans chose Diaz because I have a personal favorite Diaz fight from back in the day. If you know me you know I am a huge Diaz supporter, and I will always be a fan of the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting).

WEC 6 still to this day has to one of my favorite WEC events of all time. Not only did you get to see names like Mike Swick, Gilbert Melendez, Shonie Carter and Frank Shamrock (won light heavyweight title), but we got to see Nick Diaz defeat Joe Hurley via kimura in the first round to become the first ever WEC welterweight champion. This was Diaz’s first and only fight in the WEC, but I’ll never forget it. If you ever get a chance, check out the whole card.

We all know that Diaz has his issues and problems outside the octagon, but he always brings it and leaves it in the cage. So, if you say you are a fight fan, but don’t like Diaz, then apparently you don’t like fighters who come to fight. You don’t have to like his personality, but he comes to fight in a sport where you do just that…….fight.

Nick Diaz

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

~ Mixed Martial Arts Accomplishments ~

  • Strikeforce
    • Strikeforce Welterweight Championship (One time; first)
    • Three successful title defenses
    • Most successful welterweight title defenses in Strikeforce (3)
    • Most consecutive welterweight title defenses in Strikeforce (3)
    • 2010 Fight of the Year vs. K.J. Noons on October 9
    • 2010 Male Fighter of the Year
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship
    • Fight of the Night (One time)
  • World Extreme Cagefighting
    • WEC Welterweight Championship (One time; first)
  • International Fighting Championships
    • IFC U.S. Welterweight Championship (One time)
  • Ultimate Athlete
    • King of Mountain Welterweight Tournament Runner-up
  • Sherdog Awards
    • 2011 Round of the Year vs. Paul Daley on April 9; Round 1
    • 2011 All-Violence First Team
  • Inside Fights
    • 2007 Fight of the Year vs. Takanori Gomi on February 24

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