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Has the time come for a structured rankings system in the UFC? After what we witnessed this past Tuesday with Chael Sonnen having a title shot and coaching appearance on TUF 17 gift wrapped to him just in time for the holiday season, one has to believe that the time has come for more structure in the UFC’s long term plans on deciding title challengers.

It seems over the past few years that we have witnessed more fighters promised title shots or number one contender status than actual title fights have taken place, only to later be leapfrogged by another fighter who may have had a more impressive fight or in the case of Chael Sonnen, simply talked his way into. Something the man has become ever so famous for.

Not to take away from the tremendous talent Sonnen possesses but enough is enough.

Zuffa and Dana White in particular claim to want their promotion to be the front runner in the MMA world for years to come and have hopes of being recognized as the fifth major pro sports league in the world. For this to ever happen the focus needs to be put back into the quality of athletes physical abilities and not how well they can talk their way up the ranks.

No other pro sport decides who plays for its prestigious championships by how well they promote themselves in interviews so why should the UFC be any different? MMA is a sport of honor and integrity and the UFC has done a great job of taking away from that. Dana White is the face of the UFC and although he has done amazing things to take the sport to its current popularity, he has also done an amazing job at holding it back from where it could be.

Under no circumstance should the face of a company be so freely flying off the handle by chastising the fans,  the media, and anyone else who doesn’t like his policies or decisions. Because people feel a a certain way doesn’t warrant Dana stating he doesn’t want their business. News flash Dana, without our business you have no business. There’s no doubt the brain power to take MMA and the UFC to the next level is there but its how effectively that brain power is used that will make the difference.

With no set way of determining title challengers or even how a fighter can make his way up the rankings to a possible title shot we often see the organization putting on fights that may not be best for the progression of the sport or the fighters long term goals. How long can the UFC survive with this amateur way of conducting a pro sports organization? Fighters fight to be the best so why not rank them? With a rankings system in place it would weed out the guys that don’t belong and give us a true look at the best of the best.

By Shaun MacQuarrie ~ Staff Writer  

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