Jose Aldo

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Anthony Pettis, Cub Swanson, Ricardo Lamas, Chad Mendes and Frankie Edgar are all amongst the talk for Jose Aldo‘s featherweight championship. At one point the 145 division was looking for competition so desperately, that they gave Frankie Edgar a title shot coming off two straight losses in another division. Now if you look at the division, there is a huge log-jam.

Anthony Pettis started the log-jam by receiving a title shot at Aldo when he didn’t do anything to deserve the opportunity. Since then, Pettis was injured and now the division is jammed once again. Chan Sun Jung was supposed to face Ricardo Lamas at UFC 162, and instead jumped ahead of him some how and is now facing Jose Aldo at UFC 163.

On paper, Ricardo Lamas should be the next in line after UFC 163. The problem with that is, we all know the fans can make the difference. If they want a certain fight (like the Pettis/Aldo fight), they usually will get what they want.

I don’t understand the point of rankings if guys like Edgar and Sonnen get title shots based on fan moral? Fans deserve to get what they pay for, but ranking systems are there for a reason. That’s one of the reasons I still love Bellator. You have to earn your title shot every time.

After Cub Swanson defeated Dennis Siver this past weekend, he told Joe Rogan after the fight that if the fans get his back, he will be next for the winner of Aldo vs. Jung. I couldn’t agree more. Swanson fought Aldo once in 2009 in the WEC, and it was an awesome finish by Aldo early, but it was also a fluke.

If the two dynamic strikers fought again, it would be a way different fight as far as I’m concerned. Not saying Swanson would run over Aldo, but it could be a five round war compared to a 10 second-double-knee destruction.

The problem with all this is, Ricardo Lamas. Not only has he beaten top guys in Hatsu Hioki and Erik Koch, but he has also already defeated Cub Swanson in Swanson’s UFC debut.

Lamas doesn’t have a huge fan base like Swanson, and now is only on a four fight winning streak compared to Swanson’s five fight winning streak. Swanson looks to be reborn since the Lamas fight. I don’t see the UFC making the rematch between Lamas and Swanson for number one contender-ship, plus Lamas would probably deny that fight before a title shot.

If the fans get involved, which they already have, we could see Swanson get the winner of the UFC 163 match-up. As much as fans would love to see Pettis take on Aldo, Lamas should be next in line, and then the UFC could make the Swanson versus Edgar fight.

Fans would love to see that fight. Pettis should go back to lightweight and take on the winner of Benson versus Grant and leave the featherweight division alone. There is so much competition at 145 now a days, that we don’t need guys from 155 dropping down getting immediate title shots, no matter how much the fans want them.

~ Final Thought ~

As much as I think Lamas deserves the next title shot, I don’t see him receiving it. He will probably get squared up against Edgar, while Swanson will more than likely get what he wants. The Swanson/Aldo fight would sell way more than Lamas, and Swanson knows that.

I don’t see Jung getting past Aldo at UFC 163, but we shall see. That could change everything as well. The fans should run the ranking system, since it obviously means nothing in the UFC. The divisions are more popularity contests than actual ranking systems. Pettis and Swanson are way more popular than Lamas, so I don’t see Lamas getting his well deserved title shot.

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