TUF: Brazil 3 – Episode 12

In the final semifinal of the middleweight division, Marcio Junior of Team Sonnen faces off against Team Silva’s Ricardo Abreu. The first round goes to Abreu but the second and third rounds go to Junior who ultimately walks away with a split decision. Then in the final semifinal of the heavyweight division, Team Sonnen’s Vitor Miranda takes on Team Silva’s Richardson Moreira. During the first round Miranda dominates the action and then is able to finish the action in the second round. Before all the fighters go home they gather in the TUF Training Center and say goodbye to assistant coaches Isabel Salgado and Hortencia Marcari.

Following the filming of the show Junior, Miranda, Warlley Alves and Antonio Carlos Junior are all flown out to Las Vegas. There they bask in their accommodations and the view in their Las Vegas hotel room. Some other activities include riding in airplanes in high gravity force maneuvers during which “Lyoto” Junior actually blacks out ever so briefly. They also do some shopping and site seeing with coaches Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva. The episode finally ends in a dinner with Dana White after which he takes the finalists to the UFC Training Center to give them a motivational speech and allow them to face off.

TUF 19: Episode 7 – Kinetic Chess

After the controversial win of Roger Zapata over Ian Stephens, there is an obvious tension between the two teams. All of the members on Team Edgar, head coach Frankie Edgar in particular still feel that Stephens won the match. It comes to the point that when Mark Coleman comes to visit the house and watch a fight card there’s an argument between members of the two teams. Team Edgar’s Eddie Gordon trades words with Chris Fields then Daniel Spohn. Ultimately things are settled down for the next fight to take place.

Finally Team Edgar’s Patrick Walsh faces off against Team Penn’s Anton Berzin. The first round is close, going back and forth, but ultimately us scored for the favorite in the match Berzin. Then the second round goes to Walsh decisively with the third sudden death round also going to Walsh resulting in a victory for Team Edgar. Berzin apologizes for having gassed out in the later part of the match because of his lack of experience in later rounds. With fight control Team Edgar picks Eddie Gordon against Team Penn’s Mike King.