With the Blackzilians coming away with the win again, Glenn Robinson is looking forward to leaving the American Top Team gym for good.

Following the ATT’s margin for error down to zero, Dan Lambert and the coaching staff decides to select Nathan Coy for the next round and in tern giving him a second chance.

The Blackzilians decide to select Valdir Araujo based on the assumption that ATT will be selecting Sabah Homasi.

Robinson later visits the house and takes all members of the house to the local Harley Davidson shop with visits from Frankie Edgar and Michael Chiesa about the possibility of winning a motorcycle should they win the show.

The next day the weigh-ins are at the ATT gym even though the Blackzilians won the last fight. There is a little bit of speculation by Robinson when Coy steps up to the scale and Homasi drinks some fluid immediately afterwards. Robinson suspects that Homasi was on weight in case a different fighter stepped up to the scale.

Lambert however, explains in the interview that Coy was the planned pick from the start and that Homasi was on weight in case Coy got injured for some reason.

When Robinson confronts Lambert at the face off about the situation, Dana White later states that such a situation would be impossible because of the fact that both coaches need to turn in paperwork the morning of the weigh-ins and a last minute switch is impossible.

Robinson proposes that they decide the fighters for the next bout on the spot, to which Lambert counters with a grappling match with Robinson having all the advantages. Ultimately nothing is revolved between the two owners and they return to their respective gyms to prepare their fighters for the fights the next day.

At the match, ATT fighters Thiago Alves, Kimbo Slice and Robbie Lawler are present to watch the fight whereas Anthony Johnson is present for the Blackzilians with Rashad Evans, Jorge Santiago and Tyrone Spong are all present to help coach the Blackzilians.

During the fight, Coy controls Araujo for the first two rounds and as a result, Coy comes away with the win from all three judges.

With the win ATT is still trailing 200 to 300 points but is still in the race assuming they can win their last fight.

In previews, Robinson is frustrated and the next fight comes to a shocking ending for the season.