Episode 4 – A Faithless Foe

After the latest match, Urijah Faber criticizes Conor McGregor for his decision not to come to the morning practices and advises that he should be there if he is going to become emotional when his fighters under perform, which McGregor ignores.

Within Team Faber there are issues with Johnny Nunez, the fighter brought back by Faber for a second chance, when he doesn’t come to practice. Faber has some choice words with him.

The match takes place and Marcin Wrzosek is able to grind Tom Gallicchio out for a decision in two rounds.

McGregor then announces that the next match will be Saul Rogers against Billy Quarantillo.

Episode 5 – Just Do Something

When the fighters get back to the house, Tom Gallicchio laments at his loss after a longtime fighting and reconsiders his future in the sport.

Later on the fighters and coaches are taken out to a restaurant to relax outside of the house and the gym environment.

Back at the house, Chris Gruetzemacher starts to have issues as he doesn’t feel a connection to Team Faber at all. He begins to miss his own fight team and doesn’t like Team Faber’s training methods or other actions taken on behalf of the team or Faber himself.

Once the fight takes place, Saul Rogers is able to grind out a win on behalf of Team McGregor in two rounds of the fight.

Since Team McGregor again maintains control, Conor McGregor announces that the next match up will be Mehdi Baghdad against Team Faber’s Julian Erosa.

Episode 6 – Snake in the Grass

At Team Faber training, TJ Dillashaw comes to practice to help be a guest trainer, but Julian Erosa starts off the practice cutting weight before actually training.

Dillashaw has a bit of insight and while Conor McGregor continues to talk about the issues of betrayal between Dillashaw and Urijah Faber, Faber brushes off the issues. Dana White also weighs in on the issues with Team Alpha Male and Duane Ludwig.

After the weigh-ins for the upcoming fight, both teams are set to do a photo shoot in promotion of the show.

During this time, McGregor starts talking about the Dillashaw issue again and while Faber argues about it, his Team Alpha Male teammate and Team USA member Cody Garbrandt joins in and gets aggravated to the point that he actually pushes McGregor and both teams step in to stop any further confrontation.

When Dillashaw returns from a coffee break, he is confronted by McGregor but nothing comes of it.

Later, Erosa and Mehdi Baghdad fight and the match is close but finishes in two rounds with Erosa coming out on top.

With control returning to Team Faber, Urijah picks Thanh Le to take on Team McGregor’s Martin Svensson.