Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

UFC 159 is a stacked card with huge implications for both the title holder Jon Jones and challenger Chael Sonnen. Jones has a bright future with the UFC and will be around for a long time.

In ten years, my future son and I will be sitting down for a PPV with Jon Jones in the main event with Chael Sonnen sitting on the sidelines, co-hosting the broadcast. Chael is a future Kenny Florian/Joe Rogan. He has the knack for speaking his mind and his awesome verbal skills aren’t simply taught.

Chael is a huge underdog this Saturday for UFC 159 in Newark, New Jersey, but you can’t ever count out “The American Gangster.” I agree that Jones is a beast and I actually consider him the best fighter in the UFC as of today.

The problem is, we have never really seen “Bones” fight a tough wrestler or fight off his back. Sonnen is a one trick pony, but his one trick is no joke and he could smother Jones for five rounds.

To think that Sonnen took this fight for anything other than money, would be an understatement. Sonnen has made bank off his mouth. Both fights with Anderson Silva has padded Sonnen’s bank account, not too mention his huge contract with UFC on Fuel TV as an analyst.

Sonnen can literally sell a fight better than anybody (with his mouth), but I think this will be his last hurrah. Jones didn’t cancel UFC 151, Sonnen didn’t cancel UFC 151, the UFC cancelled UFC 151.

They knew that if they were going to make this fight, that they needed to sell it the best they could and not deliver it with 8 days notice. Hence the TUF coaching jobs and the big main event set up for this Saturday.

“Chael Sonnen is the definition of a mental midget. He is not a champion.” ~ Jon Jones on Fuel TV

The UFC 159 PPV portion of the card is not stacked up well in my opinion, but it will sell because that’s what Chael does. He draws you in, which is why the UFC gave him this title shot after coming off a championship loss in another weight-class. Sonnen’s wrestling and mouth are his best two attributes, but how long will his wrestling last?

If Sonnen loses this weekend, there is nothing left for him, and I see him retiring and sitting behind the mic, relying on his mouth to continue to cash checks. If he wins, what is really left for him?

The new breed is on it’s way up and Sonnen has no business getting in there with the Gustafsson’s and Glover’s of the world at 205. Win or lose, I see Chael hanging it up. His mouth will never stop, but his wrestling will eventually go away.

Chael tries to convince himself that he is “the best,” but we all know better. I am a fan of both fighters, but I honestly think Chael is done and has been since his last loss to Silva. Jones has that championship mentality, where Sonnen lacks it.

This fight will be a brawl, but fans shouldn’t tune in to see Sonnen possibly win. They Should tune in to watch Sonne’s last fight. Jones will break him down and continue to rise up the ranks, while retiring “The People’s Champ” in the process.

“No matter how much he tries to convince himself that he believes he is going to win this fight or that he is the champ without a belt and all that stuff, he just doesn’t believe, and that’s why he comes up short in every opportunity he gets to be a champion cause he doesn’t have a championship soul, heart or work ethic.” ~ Jones on Fuel TV UFC Countdown