Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

Following the conclusion of the quarterfinal round, Ronda Rousey brings fast food to The Ultimate Fighter House for the Team Rousey team members that have been eliminated. Anthony Gutierrez eats some as well but he reassures Rousey that he will make weight and she believes him.

Rousey also mixes drinks for those who would like to drink as well. It is then that Rousey talks about how before fighting she was a bar tender and several of her teammates are thankful. However, those who cannot eat like Team Tate’s Chris Holdsworth and Rousey’s Michael Wootten with upcoming fights, concentrate on other things such as training.

During Team Tate’s training session, it becomes obvious that coach Meisha Tate is playing favorites. She is concentrating on training Holdsworth and training partner Julianna Pena and neglecting those who have already been eliminated. Louis Fisette complains about how the only time he was given attention was when he was asked to spar in kickboxing with Holdsworth and complains about the fact he has a cut with stitches.

Raquel Pennington and Sarah Moras also voice their displeasure about being neglected. Moras is particularly displeased at the fact that Tate is taking all her time concentrating on opponent Pena.

Several appearances from other fighters take place, first when the semi-finalists and coaches are getting their potential Harley Davidson motorcycles checked out. Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez roles in on his bike and talks to the fighters about how riding on his bike to and from workouts help him clear his mind.

Later on Tate and the coaches come to the house and silly string Team Tate members. She also brings former wrestling Central Washington University teammate Kenny Salvini who is a motivational speaker and gives them a prep talk. Then during Team Rousey’s practice session, Rousey’s training partner and TUF 5 winner Nate Diaz appears and gives the fighters a lesson on BJJ.

Finally Holdsworth and Wootten square off. The fight goes with Holdsworth holding his own against Wootten during the stand up exchanges until Holdsworth pulls off a take down. From the take down Wootten is able to get back on his feet but is still controlled by Holdsworth. Holdsworth then proceeds to work a rear naked choke until Wootten submits. Following his win, Holdsworth points at the picture of Royce Gracie.

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