Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

GSP defended his title last night against Nick Diaz in a dominant one sided unanimous decision. But it wasn’t without incident. It seemed like after each round, Diaz would take a shot at Georges. “His whole style is to either get in your head to intimidate your, or get in your head to fight his kind of fight,” said Dana at the post fight presser. “In my opinion, the ref shoulda taken a point away right there.”

Johny Hendricks out-slugged and out wrestled Carlos Conditt in a back and forth, fight of the night performance. “He’s the number one contender, done, no doubt about it,” said Dana.

Jake Ellenberger brutally KO’d Nate Marquardt for the KO of the night. After the action had ended, Diaz showed up at the post fight press conference after telling Dana he wouldn’t, and went on a couple odd tangents that left the media and his fellow fighters on the pedestal, visibly baffled.

None of this should surprise anyone, much less anyone who has been a fan of Diaz.

At one point during the presser, as Diaz sat next to Hendricks, he told the man to his face that Conditt had won the fight and wrestling is over weighted in the sport. Hendricks handled the criticism well by dropping his shoulders a bit and hanging his head back in consternation.

Diaz went on to say he would retire, but then said he wanted a rematch with Georges or a fight with Anderson Silva, both of whom he said he could beat. “It’s one of those things; do I think Nick Diaz should retire? No I don’t,” said Dana. “When guys say they want to retire in this sport, they probably should.”

He also stated he hadn’t ever paid taxes, which prompted Dana to say he would be calling someone in Diaz’s camp to address the issue.

All this was amusing, and none of it really shocking at that. Let’s face it, Diaz struggles with social engagement, much like many  of us would struggle in a fight, so it was nice to see the media other fighters at the event not take the words in Diaz’s ramblings too seriously.

What was even more interesting last night was GSP’s statements regarding questions about a possible super-fight with Anderson Silva. For once, he seemed to have changed his tone a bit.

“Everybody asks me about this fight with Anderson and I was just coming from an injury ya know,” said GSP after the fight. “Now I’m happy, I took two fights in my division. I know Johnny, he wait for the fight a long time, and he deserve a fight. I know Anderson is fighting, I think Chris Weidman, and by the way, don’t count him beaten. He’s my friend, I train with him, he’s an amazing guy. Don’t count Chris Weidman beaten. I know the odds are bad and not in his favor, but you could have a surprise. So it all depends on the outcome of what’s going to happen.”

It will be fun to see what happens if GSP and Silva defend their belts again and have to face the questions of a possible super-fight between each other. Of course the subject feels like a well-worn old hat at this point, but if Dana has had anything to say about it these days, it may happen sooner than people think.