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I get asked this question all the time and now it’s time to give an answer to all my fight fans. At first glance I’m going to have to say no. The UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, and all the other fight organizations are all unique in their own right, and the UFC has been very successful doing things and running their business their own way.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Now it seems like the biggest MMA organization in the world might be coming down with the flu. There has been so many problems lately in the UFC whether it’s fighters constantly getting injured, repetitive TRT complications, and most recently a PPV cancellation. How would a tournament format help?

Chairman and CEO Bjorn Rebney started Bellator in 2008 and has cultivated some of the top talent in MMA. Bellator Fighting Championship is the 2nd largest mixed martial arts promotion in the USA and the largest tournament-based MMA organization in the world. Both MMA organizations are different in their own right, but I’m starting to think if the UFC used the tournament format that their brand would be reborn.

Instead of watching another horrible season of TUF every week, imagine getting to see UFC fighters actually having to fight their way to a title shot.

The tournament format would give the UFC it’s pride back. Guys like Frankie Edgar and Chael Sonnen wouldn’t be able to just move weight-classes and walk in to undeserved title shots. We wouldn’t be subjected to fights like Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort or PPV cancellations on that note.

We wouldn’t have to listen to Alistair Overeem, Josh Koscheck or especially Michael Bisping complain about not getting their “so called” title shots. Even guys like Chris Weidman wouldn’t have to use their mouth to get a title shot.

Instead, they would actually have to use their fight talent to get the job done. Imagine that, fighters actually having to fight their way to the top? Hear that Sonnen? Plus we wouldn’t have to be subjected to unearned title rematches like Frankie Edgar vs Ben Henderson 5.

With everyone in the UFC thinking they’re better than everyone else, what a better way to let them prove it. I personally think if the UFC used the tournament format that it’s fan base would rise and all the hardcore’s would return out of the ashes. The UFC is going nowhere but up, and if they used the tournament format they would just get up there at a quicker pace.