With The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 ended we will be going back to reviewing one episode a week. So with that here we go with the review:

TUF 19: Episode 8 – Someone’s Getting Bullied

When Team Penn gets home, Mike King complains about the fact that Team Edgar leaves all their used dishes around dirty. Once Team Edgar gets home, King’s future opponent Eddie Gordon instead leaves a reply note. During training King talks about how his girlfriend Elizabeth helped change his life. He recalls how he met her on a double date shortly after being released from jail which resulted from behavior as a reaction two the death of two friends. Gordon then recalls that he was introduced to MMA by his friend Chris Weidman.

During training for Team Penn, assistant coach Mark Coleman becomes concerned when King voices that he plans to stand and bang with Gordon. He feels this is a bad plan considering King is a good wrestler. He’s also concerned with the fact that Gordon has a bit of power behind his punches. Head coach BJ Penn is also concerned but decides to let King follow his own game plan. Training continues on.

Both teams then meet at some docks for the coaches challenge with Team Edgar head coach Frankie Edgar with Edgar complaining that Penn has an advantage at water sports considering he lives in Hawaii. The challenge as announced by Dana White is a kayak race. In the beginning Edgar actually gains a slight lead before Penn pulls away on a straight away with a huge lead. While Edgar tries his best to catch up, Penn ultimately wins the challenge. As a result, Team Penn gets $1500 each and Penn gets $10,000 to himself and moral for the team.

In the actual fight both fighters are able to do good enough in the first two rounds to where there is a sudden death round despite some time outs. The third round goes to Gordon and White praises King for continuing despite an accidental eye poke by Gordon. However, he criticizes both fighters for their lack of urgency during the fight and considers the fight to have been boring and uneventful. At the fight announcement the last quarterfinal by default is announced to be Team Penn’s Chris Fields against Team Edgar’s Matt Van Buren. This fight is significant because it is a notable grudge match because both fighters don’t like each other.