Coach Joanna Jedrzejczyk feels the need to tell Jamie Moyle during the fight announcements that this will be an easy match out of desperation.

Claudia Gadelha however makes the comment afterwards to Amanda Cooper that there is no such things as an easy match and Amanda even makes that comment that it’s an oxi-moron.

The next day Joanna brings former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw for training and Jamie finds the experience educational.

Later on at The Ultimate Fighter house, Khalil Rountree breaks down because of the fact that it is his later father’s birthday. He talks about how his father died when he was only two years old and how he was the manager of several bands at the time. His father ultimately met his demise when some guys attempted to rob his father’s room and his father defended himself but was killed by one of the men who had a gun.

During the day in between training sessions, Amanda opens some letters she was given before she hopped on the plain from friends and family back at home.

She talks about how her father was a boxer way back when and how he taught boxing to her and her sister more for fitness and self defense.

In order to give the fighters some fun time, Dana White pays for the fighters to have a night on the town in a party bus and everyone gets dressed up. At one point Ashley Yoder jumps on the stripper pole and is referred to as “Hurricane Ashley”.

The group travels to the Las Vegas Strip and during the show Josh Stansbury and Myron Dennis are called upon to do a striptease for Jamie. Myron later comments about how his wife is probably going to kill him and at the end Jamie grabs both men’s crotches.

Despite the fact that they are simply going to the weigh-ins, Amanda applies make up, curls her eye lashes and does her hair commenting that she believes that women can still look good even when simply going to a weigh-in.

Round one is close as Amanda was able to keep the fight standing, however Jamie took her down and held her down for the second half of the round.

Jamie again takes Amanda down in round two but Amanda is able to stand up, clinch and takes Jamie down herself and brutalizes her to a majority decision victory.

Joanna chews the judges out before the last men’s fight is announced as Team Claudia’s Abdel Medjedoub against Josh from Team Joanna.