The episode opens with second seeded Yoni Sherbatov talking about his past. When he was younger his family moved to Canada from Russia and he also talks about his extensive martial arts background.

There is then footage of his personal life where he walks into his personal gym and introduces the audience to his brother.

He then travels home where he introduces his family including his son, daughter and pregnant wife. His wife met at the gym when she took a class there.

Dana White talks about how due to his high ranking, Shergatov has rather high expectations for his performance this season.

Fifteenth ranked Eric Shelton then talks about his family and his small hometown. He also talks about how his family is very important to him as is his church family. Introduced are his girlfriend and four kids.

Because the winner of the show will face Demetrious Johnson for the UFC Flyweight Championship, both coaches decide to show their teams footage of their matches against Johnson.

Joseph Benavidez shows his fighters his two matches with Johnson and talks about his mistakes in the two matches.

In their first match for the inaugural UFC Flyweight Championship, Benavidez admits that he started looking for the knockout against Johnson and as a result started gassing out. He also talks about how he wasn’t the fighter then that he was now.

Benavidez then shows them the second fight and talks about how his second match was the worst experience in his life as Johnson knocked out Benavidez in the first round.

Henry Cejudo then talks about how in his match with Johnson he took a knee to the midsection and that it ultimately resulted in Johnson winning the match.

At the weigh-ins, Shelton talks about how he doesn’t take things like rankings into his mentality.

In the first round, Shelton controls the pace and is the superior striker and is able to take down Sherbatov several times and get in ground and  pound.

During the second round, Shelton is not only able to take down Shergatov but is able to submit him so quickly that he passes out and referee John McCarthy has to stop the fight.

At the fight announcements, Cejudo mispronounces Ronaldo Candido‘s name due to the differences in Spanish and Portuguese.

Benavidez mentions that his team member Candido who is facing Cejudo’s Jamie Alvarez is the BJJ coach of Jose Aldo and Claudia Gadelha.