Another season of The Ultimate Fighter is coming around with another unique format and a weight class which has never been used before. Here is the preview of everything going down this season:

Weight Class

This season is unique in that it will be the first TUF season to feature flyweights.

As a result the season will be coached by flyweight fighters Henry Cejudo and Joseph Benavidez who have both fought for the UFC Flyweight Championship and will fight at the season finale. It also appears from previews that there isn’t too much tension between the two coaches, though this might change as the season progresses.


In a twist for this season of the show, the sixteen flyweight competitors will not only be fighting for the typical six figure contract with a Harley Davidson bike but also an immediate title shot against UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson.

The reason for this unique format is that Johnson has fought and most of the top contenders in the UFC flyweight division. As a result, Dana White decided to give the next title shot to the next TUF winner.


Advertising has stated that all participants of this season are champions of other promotions.

However, as has been the case in the past there are also some former UFC fighters who will be competing. The two major examples are Tim Elliott and Damacio Page who are the Titan FC and Legacy FC flyweight champions respectively.

The other participants will be highlighted with their accomplishments on the first episode and White has said that the participants not only represent other promotions but also come from around the world. The diverse backgrounds of all the participants will certainly add to the various feuds that will probably progress throughout the show.


As the past has shown, anything can happen on The Ultimate Fighter when it comes to the house and also things that happen in the gym.

Various situations from not making weight to deaths in the family to some kind of sickness to injury can easily change things in the house.

Because of the unpredictable human factor, people can certainly expect that drama will emerge in some form or another in the house, whether it be controversial or just something to help the viewing audience sympathize with the fighters.

Final Thoughts

This should be a good season of the show with a new, unique format and of course the competition.