The episode opens up with Julian Lane talking about his time on season sixteen of The Ultimate Fighter and how after his time on the show he fought on several different regional shows.

Home video then shows how Lane is a family man with his cousins and immediate family along with his daughters. During his training he talks about how he plans to stand with opponent Ramsey Nijem and if necessary pull a guillotine choke.

He also talks about how during his time on the show he became famous for the line “Let me bang bro!” also the name of this week’s episode.

Then the focus shifts towards Ramsey who talks about how he got to the finals of season thirteen of The Ultimate Fighter but lost to Tony Ferguson. He then talks about how he fought in the UFC after the show but after a bad decision loss, he chose not to resign with the UFC and went through several crises such as a car accident and doubts on whether he would want to continue fighting.

There is then home video about Ramsey’s life in Utah with his girlfriend and how she is the perfect support to him and likes to work out with him.

At the weigh-ins things get tense as Lane stares Ramsey down and gets his his face, yelling at him and trying to play other mind games.

Things further deteriorate as first Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw go at each other and then Duane Ludwig is called out by Team Alpha Male assistant coach Justin Buchholtz.

The two argue about who is really responsible for teaching Dillashaw how to become a champion and differences of opinions on the sequence of events. Things ultimately get so heated that everyone has to get separated and nothing is resolved.

As the fight opens up, Lane does get some good shots in first but Ramsey goes for the take downs but Lane is able to lock Ramsey in guillotine chokes multiple time and at times it looks like Ramsey is going to fall asleep a few times.

Ramsey is able to get out multiple times and at one point gets the mount on Lane, then takes his back and is striking Lane and about to sink in a rear naked choke when referee Jason Herzog stops the fight.

The final regular fight is announced as season two winner and Team Dillashaw member Joe Stevenson against Team Garbrandt’s Justin Edwards.