Team Dillashaw’s Joe Stevenson talks about his time during season two of The Ultimate Fighter and how he fought for the title against BJ Penn at one point.

On Team Garbrandt, Justin Edwards talks about his time on The Ultimate Fighter and his flash knockout loss to Tony Ferguson on season thirteen of the show. He then talks about how he has a full time job and still does two a day training in preparation for fights.

He further talks about how he can face Stevenson in any stage of a fight and be on pare with him.

Steveson also talks about how he has dealt with alcoholism his whole life and how he wants to be an inspiration to his younger two sons and demonstrate what he can do three years sober.

He also talks about his past injuries and how he had a rough childhood as he lost his father and his aunt and his mother was taken away from him on manslaughter charges. As a result he was raised by his grandparents.

Lastly he talks about how he is the technical adviser on the drama show Kingdom which is a scripted drama about MMA. He also is the choreographer and plays himself on the show.

During round one Stevenson is able to take Edwards down and get him in a submission which likewise happens to Edwards but both times they are able to get up. Edwards has the better stand up during the whole round.

Round two begins and again Edwards is better on the feet. Both men again get some take downs and submissions in but Edwards controls the round for the most part.

The fight ends after two rounds and Edwards gets the win, marking the first win for Team Garbrandt and keeping Team Dillashaw from getting a clean sweep in the preliminary round.

For the wild card match selection, coaches TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt talk to Dana White over skype as White isn’t available in person in Las Vegas at the time. After discussing it over with the two coaches, Dana decides the match up for the wildcard will be Team Dillashaw’s Stevenson against Team Garbrandt’s Hayder Hassan.

Once hearing the news, Eddie Gordon is not happy with the selection process or the reasoning of the selection. White says the reason he picked Stevenson and Hassan was because they fought through their decision victories.

Garbrandt is genuinely concerned about Stevenson’s health as he will only get six days off before he has to fight again.