Episode 11: Embrace the Snake

As the possibility that James Krause may not be cleared to fight in time for the semifinal is brought up, Dana White has a Skype call with Team Garbrandt coach Cody Garbrandt and tells him that should Krause be sidelined he will give Cody the chance to choose who Krause’s replacement.

In order to keep Team Dillashaw guessing, the Team Garbrandt coaches tell all of the eligible fighters to be ready in case one of them do get the opportunity.

When the members of Team Dillashaw are informed of the decision, Ramsey Nijem takes exception by arguing that because he pushed Krause to a close decision that he should be allowed to move on in the case of Krause’s dropping out of the finale.

Gilbert Smith doesn’t like Nijem’s attitude and an altercation ensues in the hallway with Smith swearing that he will come out of retirement to fight Nijem.

Dhiego Lima ultimately defeats Tom Gallicchio by decision after three sounds.

Episode 12: The Winner’s Circle

Jesse Taylor defeats James Krause by front mounted guillotine in the third round.