The Undertaker‘s undefeated streak at WrestleMania (21-0) is the most prestigious thing going in all wrestling. It’s the biggest accomplishment in all wrestling, and will more than likely never happen again.

Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) is the most seasoned performer in all wrestling,and is the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. He has done everything for the sport of wrestling and is the most respected wrestler in the locker room. He is looked up to by everyone and has earned all the respect he gets.

Calaway has been wrestling since 1984 (1990 debut in the WWE) and is 48 years old. He has nothing left to prove. He is already scheduled to return 2-24-14 (the night of the WWE network launch) and he will be attending WrestleMania 30. How could you not have The Streak at the 30th installment of Mania? The problem is, The “Deadman” is getting old.

Last year he put his streak on the line against CM Punk and was put to the test. After that, Calaway was scheduled to be in a match against The Shield at SummerSlam, but that never happened. Injuries kept him from being able to attend the event and work all year. The Taker has been through some grueling matches in his career and one has to wonder how much he still has left in the tank?

He has had multiple surgeries and was even rumored to have had cancer, hence the shaved head and weight loss. He has given so much to all of fans and his company. He has earned his future spot in the Hall-of-Fame and has nothing left to prove.

Either way, the streak will end at WM30. It will either end 21-1 or 22-0. Calaway is done in my opinion. The WWE didn’t even realize they had created the streak until the Taker was 5-0. They need to capitalize on the biggest achievement in all wrestling and they know it. The Taker has beaten a whose who of names from Ric Flair to Shawn Michaels (twice).

He has also been in all types of different matches, such as title matches, no DQ, handicap, casket and Hell in a Cell. The streak almost feels stale now a days. As much as we all wanted to see Triple H end it a couple years ago, or even CM Punk last year, we all knew better. This is the only year that we all expect him to lose and it could work. The Taker needs to retire and doesn’t look in good shape anymore. The WWE and the Taker need to let the streak rest in peace.

I think we can all agree the streak needs to end. But how? Do they let someone who is already put over like Brock Lesnar or John Cena end the streak? Or do they take someone fresh and new and give them the biggest push of their career? Calaway has always been about the next generation and I definitely see him wanting to push the new breed rather than give it to a veteran that will only be able to capitalize on it for a couple of years.

At the same time, he won’t let “the streak” just end to somebody he doesn’t respect or who doesn’t deserve it. Taker has admitted the streak is out of control and needs to end. His “brother” Kane was offered the opportunity to end the streak twice, but refused to do respect for The Taker and his lustrous career. So who really wants to put their face at the scene of the crime? Whoever beats the Taker will have so much to live up to. Whoever they let dethrone “The Lord of Darkness,” you can bet they will be honored, as they should be. The question is, who should be the one to end the Taker’s streak at WM30?

John Cena

John Cena is the biggest name in all wrestling. A match between the two would be an awesome sell. They have never met at Mania and fans would love to see this happen before the Taker hangs it all up. Not only would this be a good match, but this could be the time to turn Cena heel.

Beating the Taker clean would do nothing for Cena’s career. He has done everything in this sport, in and out of the ring. Beating the Taker by an illegal blow or even having someone help him like The Wyatt Family, would start the biggest riot and have fans and spectators talking about nothing else. I understand that Cena is “the man” to beat the Taker, but this does nothing unless he goes heel.

The man that beats the Taker needs to be a heel in my opinion. That way he can brag about being the man that ended the Taker’s streak and career. What does a “face” Cena gain from ending the streak? The Taker literally needs to be left laying in a pool of his own blood at the end of this match. Fans need to believe he is done in order not to expect him back next year. A “face” Cena beating the Taker just leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but a heel Cena just opens up the doors for a whole new Cena storyline. The fans already boo Cena out of every Mania arena in the world. So, why not give them a real reason?

Brock Lesnar

If fans really need to believe someone can end the career and the streak of The Undertaker, what a better man than Brock Lesnar right? The Taker has beaten some big guys at Mania, but no one as strong as Lesnar. This seems to be the rumored match as of late for WM30. I just don’t know how much I like this fight.

Don’t get me wrong, these two would put on an awesome show for the fans, but does Brock really deserve to end the streak? I mean, it’s the streak for goodness sake. It means so much. Plus, we still don’t know if Brock is signed full-time. What would be the point it letting Lesnar win and then not see him again for four to five months?

Lesnar is rumored to have returned to claim the WWe’s World championship, but is this just to distract us? Beating the Taker at Mania would be good bait to get Brock to sign full-time, but is that really enough to convince the Taker to drop the streak to him?

Lesnar and Calaway have history, so they have ammo and fuel to pump this match up if they wanted to. During a Calaway interview conducted by an internet show after UFC 121, Lesnar walked past him and starred him down. Calaway answered Lesnar’s stare by saying “You wanna do it?” It seems that Lesnar doesn’t respect the Taker’s character or Calway in real life. So why would the “Deadman” let his historic streak end to a guy who doesn’t respect him or deserve it? I hope this isn’t the match they go with at Mania.

Bray Wyatt

There has been no sign of this happening. It doesn’t mean that it can’t work. Bray Wyatt is one of the biggest new stars of the WWE, and they have already gave him big pushes. He has beaten the golden boy in Daniel Bryan and has left Cena laying in the middle of the ring at this years Royal Rumble.

His microphone skills and in ring ability is what makes him one of the best protégés of the new breed. Wyatt is so dark and mysterious, just like the Taker of old. What a better way to put your legacy to rest by passing the torch to someone as good as you. Not only would Bray put on an awesome match with the Taker, but he could beat him clean and the fans would approve.

With this push, Bray would be the big star the WWE wants him to be, and he would cut the best promos on being the guy who ended the streak. They could run with this forever. Bray is just as dark as the Taker’s persona and has the perfect make-up to end the streak. I’m sure the Taker wouldn’t mind this happening. If he had to pass the torch, there isn’t anyone better than Bray Wyatt in my opinion.

CM Punk

The “Best in the World” needs to be back at WM30 and we all know it. What a better way to do it by taking on the Taker in a rematch from last year and beating him? The Taker has fought guys back to back at Mania’s before, so this could work. Fans would love to see Punk back in general, and with a win over the Undertaker and being the guy who ends the streak, the WWE could make up for “screwing” him over.

Taker and Punk stole the show last year in my opinion, and have all the talent to do it again. They could even bring back Punk as face and turn him heel after beating the Taker. He could claim no one respects him and that he doesn’t need it. “I’m the man who ended the streak, who needs you? I’m the best in the world and I proved it. The dead man is finally dead, and it’s because of me and me alone,” he could say.

There is so many ways they could take this. The Taker respects Punk and wouldn’t mind this taking place. There was rumors of this happening last year, but the death of Taker’s manager and close friend Paul Bearer (Willaim Moody) put a wrench in the whole idea. The real question is, how does Calaway feel about Punk walking out on the WWE?

Does he understand or does he think it was disrespectful? Taker is a huge company man and if he doesn’t agree with Punk’s decision to leave, then you can bet he has the say on whether this would happen or not. Taker has more pull than anyone in the company as far as his character goes.


Sting has never wrestled for the WWE and putting him against the Taker at Mania makes no sense to me. Yes, fans want to see it; 15 years ago. Sting is too old and can’t put on a good show with another old wrestler.

They both need to fight someone who can keep up the pace. These two would put on a sloppy match, and in no way should a guy who has never fought in the WWE, be the guy who ends the streak.

This is a WWE achievement and Sting hasn’t earned any WWE credibility yet. Sting is a huge name and is just as respected as the Taker, but has waited to long to join the WWE.

Reports have shown that Sting will sign with the WWE as the Raw GM (general manager) or as in ring talent. If you watched Sting in Impact Wrestling the past couple years, you can tell he has been done for sometime.

The names would sell on the card, but the match would disappoint. The WWE has plenty of options for the Taker, but I personally hope this isn’t one of them. The streak needs to end, but not to Sting.

What would a win for Sting even do right now for his career? Sting is done and they would ruin the streak if they let him beat the Taker. This would do nothing but waste all the years they have spent building the streak up.

Roman Reigns

If the WWE doesn’t want to go the Bray Wyatt way with an up and coming star, then they have another bullet in the chamber. Roman Reigns is without a doubt the guy they will push once they dissolve The Shield. Plus, they already have fuel for this fire. The Shield was the group responsible for putting the Taker back on the shelf with a triple power bomb through a table conducted by Reigns himself.

It is no secret the WWE wants to push him and the time is now to start the new reign (pun intended). They have already gave him some pretty impressive records. Will this be the next one for him? He is tied with Aja Kong for the record for the most eliminations at the annual Survivor Series match, eliminating 4 people in the match at the 2013 event. Two months later he eliminated 12 superstars in the annual Royal Rumble breaking the 13 year record set by Kane.

Is it time to let Roman have another impressive record? Last year The Shield won at Mania with a Reigns pin fall. If he beat the Taker, he would already be 2-0 at Mania starting a new streak. The rumors are to have Roman beat fellow Shield member Dean Ambrose for the U.S. title on the big stage. What does that really do for his big push? If they want to send him up with the big boys, what a better way than beating the Taker, ending the historic streak, and starting one of his own?

The streak needs to end, and this torch 20 years in the making needs to be passed. Cena, Sting and Lesnar have no business ending this streak. They are good and have paid their dues, but whoever ends the streak needs to be talking about it as long as it has been going on. Reigns or Wyatt are the only two guys I want to see fight and end the Takers streak/career, or possibly CM Punk. The creative team has a huge ball in their court, and I hope they have enough hands underneath so they don’t drop it.

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