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New Video: UFC 153 Trailer!

Ok after watching this video I can’t help but smile in anticipation for the impending fight between Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar. Sure both men are at completely different stages in their careers yet, what the hell, if you can’t watch the trailer for UFC 153 below without breaking out a couple goosebumps, you have no soul. Bonnar might not have earned his shot at the champ, but he has

MMA headlines should read: Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping

It’s time for Michael Bisping to get his shot at the title, regardless of his recent statements that have rubbed many the wrong way. Unless the UFC pulls Chris Weidman from his match with Tim Boetsch, pitting him against Bisping for a number one contendership one off, I say give Bisping the next shot at Anderson Silva’s belt. Picking up his thirteenth win in the UFC against another top opponent

Two great vids of Stephan Bonnar discussing fight strategy vs Anderson Silva

In this first video, Bonnar talks with InsideMMA’s Bass Ruten and Kenny Rice about his upcoming fight with Anderson Silva. He talks about his plan to hopefully allow Silva to break his hand or foot on his head to open up a chance for him to win the fight. Honestly, that’s not a bad strategy for someone who is a record breaking 14-1 underdog against the champ. VIDEO COURTESY OF

Silva vs Bonnar: Is the UFC on life support?

The UFC seems to be at a state of emergency lately. First UFC 151 was cancelled because the fighter that deserved the shot wouldn’t step up, and now UFC 153 went from a great card, to not even PPV worthy. The UFC lost Jose Aldo and Rampage Jackson the same day and it seemed like Frankie Edgar was going to stay on the card and just get another opponent. After

Cowboys Stadium Potential Venue for GSP/Silva Super Fight

Carlos Condit has been shunned as if he already lost his future fight at UFC 154 to current welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, and rumors for the super fight between GSP and Anderson Silva are already surfacing. It’s close enough to reality that Dana White has stated a catch-weight and a venue (105,000-seat Cowboys Stadium) for the potential super fight. “I think we’re pretty close,” White said Tuesday on FUEL TV’s “UFC

UFC Interim Champ Carlos Condit isn’t Concerned with the Media’s Lack of Respect

The big news lately seems to be about the long awaited return of welterweight champion George St. Pierre and the “potential” super fight between him and middleweight champion Anderson Silva. What about Carlos Condit though? If you don’t have a mouth or talk to the media, it seems like you’re a nothing to them anymore. All you hear is the opinions from fighters like Chael Sonnen, Alistair Overeem etc. What about the fighters who train their butts

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones May Have Almost Happened

Dana White relayed to MMAfighting’s Ariel Helwani of an interesting message he received from Anderson’s Silva’s manager, Ed Sours. Apparently Silva offered to step in on short notice and fight a light heavy weight competitor to save the UFC 151 card. Does this mean the entire MMA community would have been given eight days’ notice to the biggest super fight of our generation?  

Dana White Needs to Lay off the “IF’s”

Dana White is the master at avoiding questions with his “tricky” style of answering with the word “if” in there. Not only has Dana avoided questions about featured fighters and who they are fighting in the future, but has even went as far as already talking about Jon Jone’s next opponent before his UFC 151 fight with #1 contender Dan Henderson. White has already been talking about Jones versus Lyoto Machida