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Hispanic Heritage Month 2014 Special: Top 10 Hispanics of the past year

Technically National Hispanic Heritage Month is over but that doesn’t mean that the Hispanic fighters in MMA can’t still be honored. This list will have all the major Hispanics in MMA that have had success on the main stage. With that here we go with the top 10 of the past year: 10) Yair Rodriguez Yair Rodriguez is a member of the inaugural task of The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America for Team Mexico.

Top 10 MMA lightweights: October 2014

Due to inactivity TJ Grant and Anthony Pettis are ineligible. Also due to a rare tie there are eleven in the rankings. 8/31/14 in parenthesis: 1) Gilbert Melendez (2)  Like future opponent Anthony Pettis, Gilbert Melendez will become ineligible for the rankings before their coaches match in December. However, we will still get to see him coaching on The Ultimate Fighter as he continues to seek his team’s first win in the competition. 2) Khabib Nurmagomedov

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 4 – Make A Big Strike

The episode opens up with Urijah Faber stepping in to coach Team Pettis while head coach Anthony Pettis is at a prior commitment. Most of the team members find Faber’s coaching to be helpful and he is impressed with several fighters. He notes that Joanne Calderwood has skills that don’t match her rather gentle voice and he also grapples around with Carla Esparza in some moves. Later at the house, Angela Hill is farting around the house and has been

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 3 – Don’t Fight Fate review

The episode opens with Dana White calling Bec Rawlings into his office and informing her that he just got a call from Rawlings’ mother who informed him that Rawlings step father died. Rawlings then sobs over the loss of her step father while calling her mother about the passing. She then walks back into the Team Melendez locker room where her teammates and coaches comfort her and Angela Magana leads a prayer. Later on coaches Gilbert Melendez and Jake

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 2 – We All Came Here to Fight! review

The episode opens up with the Team Pettis coaching staff visiting The Ultimate Fighter house and delivering Miranda Markos food. During the visit, Felice Herrig gives Anthony Pettis’ younger brother Sergio Pettis a friendship bracelet which is intended as the first for all the coaching staff. However, her fellow teammates start teasing her about the fact that she’s “hitting” on a younger guy as there’s a ten year age gap between the two. At training the next day, Jessica

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 1 in review

The episode opens up with several introductions to the various fighters competing in the show which are also spread throughout the episode at appropriate times. UFC President Dana White talks about how for season 20 the UFC acquired eight contracts from Invicta FC and held tryouts for the remaining eight slots going into the house. It is at this time that there are several introductions to tryout members. Finally the woman are brought

The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned preview

The Ultimate Fighter is making history this season when sixteen women duke it out for the inaugural UFC Women’s Strawweight Championship. This is unique for a few different reasons, the first being that it will be the first time a champion is crowned and the second being the fact it’s all women. It is certainly a season to look forward to when it airs later tonight. There has been a

Top 10 MMA lightweights: August 2014

Please note due to inactivity, TJ Grant is ineligible for the rankings. Also note the previous rankings (7/31/14) in parenthesis: 1. Anthony Pettis (1) Anthony Pettis has finished coaching The Ultimate Fighter season 20 and will start training for his bout with Gilbert Melendez. Of note is the fact that Pettis will be ineligible for the rankings after today until he defends his title in December. 2. Gilbert Melendez (tied 2) In typical Gracie Fighter

Top 10 MMA lightweights: July 2014

Please note that due to inactivity, TJ Grant is ineligible for the rankings. Also note that the previous rankings (6/18/14) are in parenthesis: 1. Anthony Pettis (1) Coaching is underway for The Ultimate Fighter season 20 and one can be sure that Anthony Pettis has been busy coaching opposite Gilbert Melendez. Of note is the fact that at the end of next month, Pettis will be ineligible for the rankings until he defends

Top 10 MMA lightweights: June 2014

Please note that to inactivity, TJ Grant is ineligible for the rankings. Also note the rankings are voted on and previous are in parenthesis: 1. Anthony Pettis (1) July 1st is the only listed date that filming for The Ultimate Fighter season 20 will start so Anthony Pettis will probably be in Vegas by then. It’s hard to tell what kind of relationship he and future opponent Gilbert Melendez will have over the course of the