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Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Pilot (review)

Late last year Dana White announced that he would be releasing a series called Looking for a Fight in which he would be traveling around the country to find hidden rising talent. The pilot was released on September 29th. Pilot During the introduction, White talks about how when he first bought the UFC, he himself traveled the country to look for the top talent to invite to the UFC. He hasn’t done such scouting

Around the world of MMA, BREAKING: Jon Jones turns himself in for hit-and-run

Before going over the weeks fight cards, it was reported that Jon Jones turned himself in for a hit-and-run. Supposedly he was involved in a three car accident involving a pregnant woman on April 26th. Now the fights: Reviews: UFC 186: Johnson vs. Horiguchi It was a chaos leading up to this fight card but it finally happened and also saw a few records made in the night: Flyweight Demetrious Johnson (c)

Kaliesh-ing the Beast (3 of 3: Near WMMA Jump to Invicta and Fight Bound)

For many years, West has never shied away from pointing out the large discrepancy gap between the promotion of women’s mixed martial arts and boxing. Her first and foremost love though is unequivocally the sweet science, so she prefers to stick with it. That doesn’t mean she did not entertain offers that enticed her to make the jump. In fact, all-women’s Kansas City-based MMA promotion Invicta Fighting Championships approached her

Kaliesh-ing the Beast (2 of 3: Promoter Talks and the Accident)

 (Photos by stylezmakefights.com & wombatboxing.wordpress.com, top to bottom) The standard day-to-day operations for 26-year-old West consisted of emergency room host duties at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California. Though she quit after six years and is now employed at a local bank, the trials and tribulations she experiences in the arena when a belt is up for grabs pales in comparison to what she witnessed firsthand when someone’s life

Kaliesh-ing the Beast (1 of 3: Equality Stance and Coach Dad)

Cali women’s boxing product fighting 8-round battle for respect, equality and a cause with no room for pause “Told me Loveless is a mad man, but I don’t fear that. Got mad weapons too, ain’t trying to hear that. Trying to bring me down, this champion? When y’all clowns going to see that it can’t be done. Understand me son.” (Photo by boxingsocialist.com) That quote is synonymous with one of the most recognizable songs of the ‘90s: “Wild

Video: Floyd Mayweather Jr. responds to Mike Tyson’s statements

FLoyd Mayweather has been very vocal about his dislike for MMA in the past, only recently changing his tune a bit. Where Floyd still believes boxing will be around for a long time, Mike Tyson has recently stated that he infact believes Floyd will be the last superstar to grace the sport of boxing. When asked, Floyd weighs in on the issue in the video above.