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Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Episode 1 (review)

In episode 1 after the pilot for the series, Dana White, Matt Serra and Nick “The Tooth” first arrive in Philadelphia. On the ride to their first destination, Serra has to go to the bathroom and can’t wait so he resorts to urinating in a Starbucks cup which disgusts White and Nick. They arrive at a restaurant called Geno’s where (after Serra throws away the urine filled cup) the trio starts cooking Philly Cheesestreak

Best of 2014 series: Top 10 MMA Freak Articles of 2014

It’s taken a while to get this series going but it’s finally the time to do so. As with last year this year the contributors for the site of the past year will be honored. Any article written in 2014 is eligible and of course not all the nominated articles made it so here’s the honorable mentions: Honorable Mentions: -Monthly  Rankings – by Matthew Salzer. The monthly articles based on

My Top 10 Lists of 2013

This was meant to be done shortly after the Best of 2013 series but delays pushed it back until now. Also in a MMA Freak first this list was made by votes from the MMA Forum website. This will probably be the first but not last of these lists. So with that here we go with the lists: 10. Top 10 scariest fighters in MMA This list was meant to