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Top 10 fights of September 2014

There were a number of good fight cards this month which also included the launch of The Ultimate Fighter season 20. With that here we go: 10) The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America – Marlon Vera vs. Enrique Briones At this point Team Mexico won all four bouts. Team Latin America was in desperate need of a win. Thus came Marlon Vera, a man on a mission against Enrique Briones both of whom were

Top 10 P4P MMA fighters: October 2014

Note due to inactivity Anthony Pettis is currently ineligible for the rankings. Also note that the previous rankings (9/9/14) in parenthesis: 1) Jon Jones (1) Jon Jones is recovering from surgery and still set to face Daniel Cormier in the annual new years show at UFC 182 on January 3rd. 2) Demetrious Johnson (3) It was obvious for everyone who watched UFC 178 that Demetrious Johnson clearly over matched the underdog challenger Chris Cariaso. This marks three finishes in

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 4 – Make A Big Strike

The episode opens up with Urijah Faber stepping in to coach Team Pettis while head coach Anthony Pettis is at a prior commitment. Most of the team members find Faber’s coaching to be helpful and he is impressed with several fighters. He notes that Joanne Calderwood has skills that don’t match her rather gentle voice and he also grapples around with Carla Esparza in some moves. Later at the house, Angela Hill is farting around the house and has been

Top 10 MMA heavyweights: September 2014

Please note due to inactivity Stefan Struve is ineligible for the rankings. Also note the previous rankings (6/11/14) are listed in parenthesis: 1) Cain Velasquez (1) Cain Velasquez is currently training for his title defense while waiting for The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America to finish broadcasting. Of note is the fact that before his UFC 180 defense, Velasquez will become ineligible for the rankings on October 19th due to inactivity. 2) Fabricio Werdum (2) Like Cain

Top 10 fights of August 2014

There some fight cards and some that had lower expectations actually delivered some memorable matches. Enough about that here we go: 10) The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America – Jose Alberto Quinones vs. Bentley Sylar This was the first fight of the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America. Coach Cain Velasquez won the coin toss and chose for his Team Mexico member Jose Alberton Quinones to fight Team Latin America member Bentley Sylar. Quinones is

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 3 – Don’t Fight Fate review

The episode opens with Dana White calling Bec Rawlings into his office and informing her that he just got a call from Rawlings’ mother who informed him that Rawlings step father died. Rawlings then sobs over the loss of her step father while calling her mother about the passing. She then walks back into the Team Melendez locker room where her teammates and coaches comfort her and Angela Magana leads a prayer. Later on coaches Gilbert Melendez and Jake

Top 10 MMA light heavyweights: September 2014

Please note the rankings are voted on by a panel of MMA Freak writers and the previous rankings (8/19/14) are listed in parenthesis: 1. Jon Jones (1) Jon Jones is on track for recovery and for his title defense in fight capitol Las Vegas on January 3rd at UFC 182 against Daniel Cormier. 2. Daniel Cormier (3) Number one contender Daniel Cormier is continuing to train for his upcoming fight with Jon Jones for the annual

Top 10 MMA bantamweights: September 2014

Please note due to inactivity, Dominick Cruz is currently ineligible for the rankings. Also note previous rankings (7/22/14) in parenthesis: 1. T.J. Dillashaw (1) T.J. Dillashaw didn’t face Renan Barao at UFC 177, but he did have a good match with replacement Joe Soto and knocked him out. One has to admire Soto for giving Dillashaw more of a test then Barao, but it also shows that the champion is adaptable to adverse conditions. 2. Renan Barao

Nick Diaz Arrested…Again

Unfortunately professional MMA athletes have made the news headlines once again for all the wrong reasons and this time it’s thanks to Nick Diaz. Nick was arrested at 2:20 a.m. in California on Saturday September 6, and for the second time within the past 12 months, charged with suspicion of DUI. In addition, he was charged with obstructing a police officer, trying to destroy evidence and also driving with a